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This is my rough finances from June to mid-December 1998. It's not complete - the only cash transactions logged were those random or special things I bothered to remember or reciepts I bothered to process. Not many. On the other hand, everything I used my credit card for is noted by date and place, and I've added contextual information.

Consulting-Consulting Income:
Expenses Rcvd
7/23/98Checking DEP S ATM DEPOSIT121.5
10/16/98 Visa United Air 0161 Links98 trip-630.7
TOTAL Expenses Rcvd-509.2
9/28/98Checking DEP S Customer Deposit Web981000
12/4/98Checking ATM ATM Deposit KaosPilots300
5/9/98 Savings REBOOT1500
TOTAL Speaking2800
12/8/98Checking ATM ATM Deposit Don Pearman300
TOTAL Webbing300
6/29/98Checking DEP ATM DEPOSIT1400
8/10/98Checking DEP ATM DEPOSIT3420
8/31/98Checking ATM S ATM Deposit1400
9/28/98Checking DEP S Customer Deposit" invoices 5,6,7"4200
10/19/98Checking ATM S ATM Deposit2100
TOTAL Consulting-Consulting Income15110.8
Finance Charge-Finance Charge Income
8/17/98 Visa #REVERSAL OF OVERLIMIT FEE from carter's west25
TOTAL Finance Charge-Finance Charge Income26
Gift Received-Gift Received
6/13/98Checking DEP ATM DEPOSIT George1125
TOTAL Gift Received-Gift Received1125
Interest Earned
6/4/98 Savings INTEREST PAYMENT2.15
7/6/98 Savings INTEREST PAYMENT5.69
8/6/98 Savings INTEREST PAYMENT2.71
9/4/98 Savings INT Interest Payment2.64
10/6/98 Savings INT Interest Payment3.04
11/5/98 Savings INT Interest Payment2.36
12/4/98 Savings INT Interest Payment1.19
TOTAL Interest Earned19.78
Uncategorized Income
6/10/98 Savings S LAWSUIT Lawsuit Return3255.8
TOTAL Uncategorized Income3255.8
Auto-Automobile Expenses:
Fuel-Auto Fuel
8/11/98Checking ARCO PAYPO POS CARD PURCHASE-10.07
8/25/98Checking WITHD Arco Paypo POS Card Purchase 5131 Shattuck A Oakland CA-10.94
8/31/98Checking WITHD Arco Paypo POS Card Purchase 3310 Park Blvd Oakland CA-9.78
9/4/98Checking WITHD Arco Paypo POS Card Purchase 3000 Shattuck A Berkeley CA-6.84
7/14/98 Visa UNOCAL 42085506-12.51
7/22/98 Visa EXXON USA 8379058855-12.89
7/30/98 Visa KARIM ARCO-12.39
8/10/98 Visa CHAO AM PM MINI MART-7.78
8/18/98 Visa UNOCAL 21331178 SAN F-12.36
9/1/98 Visa Chevron #0009834-9.14
9/6/98 Visa Unocal 00-10.74
9/10/98 Visa Unocal 00-11.02
9/14/98 Visa Unocal 00-7.74
9/21/98 Visa Unocal 00-10.85
9/30/98 Visa Unocal 00-10.38
10/3/98 Visa Karim Arco-10.43
10/8/98 Visa Unocal 00-9.97
10/17/98 Visa Exxon Usa 917322-11.55
10/21/98 Visa Shell Expensive Swedish Gas for Svante's Pontiac-56.37
11/2/98 Visa Unocal-11.65
11/11/98 Visa Xtra Oil Company Berkeley Ca-9.94
11/21/98 Visa Unocal 00349167 Oakland Ca-10.21
12/5/98 Visa Unocal 00349167 Oakland Ca-10.21
12/15/98 Visa Unocal 12-12.06
12/18/98 Visa Unocal 00-7.5
TOTAL Fuel-Auto Fuel-305.32
Insurance-Auto Insurance
11/25/98Checking105 Cal State Auto Association-75
12/22/98Checking133 Cal State Auto Association-75
10/6/98 Visa Aaa Csaa # 002-270
TOTAL Insurance-Auto Insurance-420
Service-Auto Service
11/24/98Checking101 Frank Tullener Mechanic stalling problem fix-315
TOTAL Service-Auto Service-315
Auto-Automobile Expenses-Other
9/11/98Checking WITHD '88 Honda Civic purchase Car-1500
9/28/98Checking DEP S Customer Deposit Car Repayment2900
9/11/98 Savings WITHD '88 Honda Civic purchase Car-1400
9/14/98 Visa CA Dept of Mtr V vplates-66
9/15/98 Loose Change Department of Motor Vehicles Registration-252
TOTAL Auto-Automobile Expenses-Other-318
TOTAL Auto-Automobile Expenses-1358.32
Bank Charge-Bank Charge
11/20/98Checking WITHD Chk Order Charge-16.13
11/20/98Checking WITHD Chk Order Tax/Del-2.62
12/4/98Checking Service Fee-5.5
12/7/98 Visa Late Fee should be reversed-29
12/7/98 Visa Finance Charge should be reversed-51.09
TOTAL Bank Charge-Bank Charge-104.34
Bank Charges:
ATM fees
7/6/98Checking POS USAGE FEE-1
8/3/98Checking ATM NON WFB ATM FEE-2
8/3/98Checking ATM S NON-WFB ATM-1.5
8/12/98Checking ATM NON WFB ATM FEE-2
8/12/98Checking ATM S NON-WFB ATM-1.5
9/4/98Checking FEE POS Usage Fee-1
10/6/98Checking FEE POS Usage Fee-1
11/23/98Checking ATM S Non-Wfb ATM-1.5
11/23/98Checking Non Wfb ATM Fee-2
TOTAL ATM fees-13.5
Bank Charges-Other
7/6/98Checking SERVICE FEE-5.5
8/6/98Checking SERVICE FEE-5.5
9/4/98Checking FEE Service Fee-5.5
10/6/98Checking FEE Service Fee-5.5
11/5/98Checking FEE Service Fee-5.5
12/14/98Checking Quicken Bank Fee but i was down?-3
TOTAL Bank Charges-Other-30.5
TOTAL Bank Charges-44
6/13/98 Visa S SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT Clothes - egg and i-24.5
10/21/98 Visa Uff Second Hand Hat-3.75
10/30/98 Visa" Mars Mercantile, Berkeley CA" Halloween costume - red cape.-16.78
TOTAL Clothing-Clothing-45.03
Dining-Dining Out
8/18/98 Visa KIRALA RESTAURANT BERKE amy's return sushi-60.6
8/29/98 Visa Boston Market #2 Lunch-7.56
9/16/98 Visa Host Intl Inc 00 Egg Mit Bagel @ airport-4.64
9/22/98 Visa Flower Lounge Re Chinese Dinner-22
9/30/98 Visa Puerto Alegre Re Kira & Egg & Margaritas-27
10/20/98 Visa Host Intl Inc 00 Lox Trim Bagel in Airport-8.64
10/25/98 Visa" Route 66 Tierp, Se" Feeding Svante and Teres-30.93
11/11/98 Visa Mi Tierra Foods Restaurant 2 Berkeley Ca Egg and I-13.53
11/14/98 Visa Nepenthe Big Sur Ca breakup dinner-47.69
11/15/98 Visa Deetjin's Big Sur Inn Big Sur Ca eggs benedict-28.86
11/21/98 Visa Viva Pizza San Francisco Ca Elly dinner - not-34
12/16/98 Visa Dillard's Bbq Re Ned Joanne and Egg-37.83
8/23/98 Loose Change PARTY SUSHI 1/2 Moving party-50
9/21/98 Loose Change Kentucky Fried Chicken drive through eating after errands-4.21
12/19/98 Loose Change Giant Burger Cheeseburger-4.48
TOTAL Dining-Dining Out-381.97
7/28/98 Visa S RASPUTIN RECORDS Pizzicato Five - Howard-11.99
10/19/98 Visa" Cody's Books, I"" ""story"" for Svante"-34.64
10/28/98 Visa" Housing Interior, Stockholm, Se" Egg Heart Carpet-12.61
11/7/98 Visa Super KMart 00004944 Oakland Ca Wilner's N64 shit-93.05
11/16/98 Visa Earwitness Books & CDs Oakland Ca Ellen: Gift Certificate and Oakland Book-32.94
TOTAL Gifts-185.23
6/30/98Checking LUCKY N100 POS CARD PURCHASE-14.06
8/18/98Checking WITHD S Berkeley B POS Card Purchase-15.51
6/6/98 Visa WHOLE FOODS MARKET-53.21
6/10/98 Visa BERKELEY BOWL PRODUCE-75.43
6/13/98 Visa WHOLE FOODS MARKET-120.03
6/17/98 Visa SAFEWAY #0687-95.07
6/17/98 Visa WHOLE FOODS MARKET-30.03
7/2/98 Visa WHOLE FOODS MARKET-28.87
7/22/98 Visa SAFEWAY #0669-74.18
7/30/98 Visa SAFEWAY #0600-13.62
8/3/98 Visa SAFEWAY #0687-54.48
8/7/98 Visa ANDRONICO'S MARKET SW1 w/ eve-40.74
8/14/98 Visa BELL MARKET #847 odwalla and rheinbread-13.65
8/22/98 Visa LUCKY STORES 041 S6S6M OAKLA-5.48
8/23/98 Visa SAFEWAY #0908 OAKLA moving nachos and basics-62.23
8/25/98 Visa RICHMOND NEW MAY WAH SUPESAN F asian special stuff-22.13
8/27/98 Visa Safeway #0908-22.34
8/28/98 Visa Berkeley-10.66
8/28/98 Visa Genova Delicatessen Meat-7.58
8/31/98 Visa Safeway #1490-18.42
9/5/98 Visa Safeway #0654 Sunday Brunch - fruit & shit-82.33
9/10/98 Visa Farmer Joe's-35.48
9/11/98 Visa Safeway #0908-54.9
9/26/98 Visa TRADERJOES0072 0-122.45
9/28/98 Visa Safeway #0908-32.82
10/2/98 Visa Safeway #0908-58.12
10/11/98 Visa Piedmont Grocery-54.45
10/12/98 Visa Lucky Stores 067-8.53
10/12/98 Visa Safeway #0654-20.28
10/17/98 Visa Farmer Joe's-49.16
10/22/98 Visa KF ARBRA ARBRA Stocking Svante's House-24.76
10/27/98 Visa" Komsum, Stockholm, Se" Dining with David and Lena of Sajber-13.74
10/29/98 Visa" SAS Euroshop, Arlanda, Stockholm, Se" Cloudberry Liquor-10.94
11/6/98 Visa Safeway #0654 Oakland Ca-56.51
11/11/98 Visa Berkeley Bowl Produce Berkeley Ca-24.25
11/20/98 Visa Farmer Joe's SHQ Oakland Ca-79.4
12/4/98 Visa Farmer Joe's SHQ Oakland Ca-31.81
12/4/98 Visa Safeway #0908 Oakland Ca food & three bottles of wine-56.91
8/17/98 Loose Change-15.51
8/30/98 Loose Change FARMER JOE'S" salad stuff, bread"-20
TOTAL Groceries-Groceries-1670.55
Home Repair
12/2/98Checking102 Atlas Heating Furnace-129
10/1/98 Visa Magic Gardens Basic Plants and Supplies-130.71
10/19/98 Visa Import Tile Co I Bathroom Tile-237.14
11/5/98 Visa Ashby Lumber DoorLocks-49.78
10/21/98 Loose Change Russo Windows Window-250.6
11/11/98 Loose Change Russo Windows Dutch Door-379.96
TOTAL Home Repair-1177.19
Household-Household Misc. Exp
6/4/98 Visa THE HOME DEPOT" Lightbulbs, WC Fixtures"-92.58
6/4/98 Visa THE HOME DEPOT Plumbing-23.27
6/7/98 Visa CARTER WEST ANTIQUE Dresser-81.19
6/7/98 Visa CARTER WEST ANTIQUE Dresser-81.19
6/9/98 Visa BED & BATH SUPERSTORE Trash cans & showerrack-47.59
6/13/98 Visa S SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT Chairs-92
6/15/98 Visa THE HOME DEPOT Wrench Return16.19
6/15/98 Visa CARTER WEST ANTIQUE Dresser DoubleCharge81.19
6/15/98 Visa THE HOME DEPOT Closet Makings & Lightbulbs-127.22
8/22/98 Visa THE HOME DEPOT 627 EMERY plastic chairs-63.32
8/22/98 Visa Glenview TrueValue Hardware carpet removal tools-13.51
8/25/98 Visa KAMEI RESTAURANT SUPPLY SAN F bowls-24.74
8/27/98 Visa Carter Wst Antqe Wood End Table-32.48
8/28/98 Visa Carter Wst Antqe Fifties Kitchen Table-162.38
8/28/98 Visa East Bay Window Coffee Table Pane-55
8/28/98 Visa Sur La Table Kitchen Shit-34.48
9/3/98 Visa Glenview Tv Hard" Vice-Grip, Duck Tape, Chair Casters"-25.41
9/5/98 Visa THE HOME DEPOT Chair Return18.37
9/5/98 Visa The Home Depot 6" lights, toolbox, bulbs"-69.62
9/21/98 Visa The Home Depot 6 white electrical tape for egg-11.54
9/22/98 Visa Glenview Key & L car key copies-11.1
9/26/98 Visa Stacks & Stacks-48.5
10/6/98 Visa The Home Depot 6-47.73
10/10/98 Visa The Home Depot 6-83.7
10/28/98 Visa" Rum O Kok, Stockholm, Se" Utensils-25.18
11/5/98 Visa The Home Depot 627 Emeryville Ca Stain? Lights?-31.45
11/6/98 Visa The Home Depot 627 Emeryville Ca Stain? Lights?-12.96
11/9/98 Visa Fenton MacLaren LTD Berkeley Ca Bookshelf-173.2
11/11/98 Visa Sur La Table Berkeley Ca" skillet, strainer, utensils"-93.37
11/11/98 Visa Fenton MacLaren LTD Berkeley Ca Bookshelf for desk-108.25
8/22/98 Loose Change GLENVIEW KEY & LOCK key copies-4.87
9/13/98 Loose Change THE HOME DEPOT random0
9/21/98 Loose Change save the children tables-20
TOTAL Household-Household Misc. Exp-1582.08
8/6/98 Visa AMERSTERDAM ART Canvases-39.87
8/17/98 Visa AMERSTERDAM ART canvases-7.66
9/28/98 Visa Amersterdam Art Canvases-23.1
10/10/98 Visa Amersterdam Art sensa pen refills-15.25
8/25/98 Loose Change S LOOKING GLASS PHOTOpolaroid film-22.55
10/21/98 Loose Change Ashby Flea Market Two vertical paintings of the tropics-20
TOTAL Art-128.43
Domain Fees-InterNIC
TOTAL Domain Fees-InterNIC-105
8/3/98Checking ATM S NON-WFB ATM RenFair-25
8/12/98Checking ATM S NON-WFB ATM Water World-60
8/13/98 Visa WATERWORLD USA-CNCRD waterworld-19.99
TOTAL Experiences-104.99
7/13/98 Visa JACK LONDON CINEMAS small soldiers-22.5
TOTAL Movies-22.5
TOTAL Biz-232.49
7/14/98 Visa BARNES & NOBLE00018598 Thomas Guide Map-48.66
8/3/98 Visa LEATHER TONGUE VIDEO Asian Trash Cinema-21.65
8/22/98 Visa BARNES & NOBLE00018598 BERKE promo mag and vw book-24.83
10/7/98 Visa Modern Times Boo In-Formation Magazine-14
11/14/98 Visa Garlic Festival Store Gilroy Ca books and mustard and peeler-35.1
TOTAL Books-144.24
9/3/98 Visa Dtv Directv Serv-29.99
9/29/98 Visa Dtv Directv Serv-29.99
10/29/98 Visa Dtv Directv Serv-49.99
11/29/98 Visa Dtv Directv Serv-39.99
TOTAL Cable-149.96
Dial-Up-Internet Access
7/28/98 Visa THE WELL-117.58
8/4/98 Visa THE WELL-223.96
8/20/98 Visa THE COFFEENET SAN F-6.46
8/26/98 Visa THE WELL 415-2 access refund281.64
9/1/98 Visa The Well-29.95
10/6/98 Visa The Well-29.95
11/2/98 Visa The Well-29.95
12/2/98 Visa The Well-29.95
TOTAL Dial-Up-Internet Access-186.16
9/17/98 Visa Quickaid Interne-2.5
9/18/98 Visa Return2.5
9/24/98 Visa Quickaid Interne-2.5
TOTAL Connections-Other-2.5
TOTAL Connections-338.62
7/15/98 Visa EXPLORATORIUM-ADMSSN Tactile Dome-48
TOTAL Experiences-48
6/7/98 Visa GOOD GUYS VCR & Cabinet-187.36
TOTAL AV-187.36
10/5/98Checking WITHD S Egg's 'pooter-500
12/4/98Checking ATM ATM Deposit Memorex Diskette Rebate12
8/5/98 Visa PALM PILOT 3COM Screen Replace-100
10/7/98 Visa Central Computer" Video & Sound Cards, Modem, Ethernet, CDRom"-842.11
10/7/98 Visa Evergreen Action" Motherboard, chip, etc."-588.8
10/8/98 Visa Central Comptr S" Monitor, less video card return"-832.44
10/16/98 Visa Compusa #207 Diskettes-21.64
10/19/98 Visa Mac SCSI Cable-24.9
TOTAL Computer-2897.89
8/31/98Checking ATM S ATM Withdrawal coax from radio shack-20
8/29/98 Visa Radio Shack 00 Cable ties-3.24
8/29/98 Visa REI Berkeley" Compass, Leatherman, MagLite"-87.68
8/31/98 Visa Radio Shack 00 Sprint Phone-178.59
9/8/98 Visa Radio Shack 00 phone chords-10.26
9/12/98 Visa Radio Shack 00 tape cleaner for car-10.81
12/19/98 Visa Central Computer Differential SCSI terminator for JSS disk-40.09
12/20/98 Visa Central Computer - Return returned SCSI terminator40.09
8/20/98 Loose Change JANICE DirectTV Dish-200
9/2/98 Loose Change Radio Shack 00 phone coupler0
TOTAL HardWare-Other-510.58
TOTAL HardWare-3595.83
8/12/98 Visa REEL.COM-THE REAL STORE" cool hand luke, mash, bonnie and clyde"-14.07
8/18/98 Visa TAM'S LASER SAN F Fong Sai Yuk-27.12
8/27/98 Visa Blockbuster Vide X-Files Tapes-32.46
TOTAL Movies-73.65
7/28/98 Visa AMOEBA MUSIC William Orbit-15.13
7/28/98 Visa S RASPUTIN RECORDS Pizzicato Five-11.99
7/28/98 Visa S RASPUTIN RECORDS Buffalo Daughter-21.99
8/7/98 Visa BOMBAY MUSIC HOUSE Bhangratulations-11.9
9/14/98 Visa Amoeba Music-23.74
9/26/98 Visa Tower Records 12 Videos: Network and Once Upon A Time in China-33.49
TOTAL Music-118.24
7/24/98 Visa PILOT GEAR H Q DragonBane-24.95
TOTAL vBS-24.95
8/17/98 Visa MAC quicken-70.31
TOTAL Software-Other-70.31
TOTAL Software-95.26
TOTAL Media-4774.76
Medical-Medical Expense:
Body Work
8/12/98 Loose Change JUNIPER Shiatsu & UB analysis-45
TOTAL Body Work-45
Medical-Medical Expense-Other
9/14/98Checking WITHD Longs Drug POS Card Purchase Cold Stuff for SickAmy-25.99
12/4/98Checking ATM ATM Deposit Eyeglasses Refund285
10/7/98 Visa Sorenson and Sorenson Eye Check-10
11/2/98 Visa" For Eyes Optical, Berkeley" 2 new lenses each for 2 glasses-282.36
TOTAL Medical-Medical Expense-Other-33.35
TOTAL Medical-Medical Expense-78.35
Office-Office Expenses
11/2/98 Visa The Home Depot 625 San Leandro CA Desk & Stain & Sandpaper-105.29
11/2/98 Visa The Home Depot 625 San Leandro CA Truck Rental-70.29
11/2/98 Visa The Home Depot 625 San Leandro CA Misc-20.57
TOTAL Office-Office Expenses-196.15
Postage and Delivery-Postage and Delivery Expense
11/25/98Checking ATM Stamp Purchase-6.4
11/28/98 Visa Mailboxes Etc USA Chicago Il cooking stuff and media from home-63.8
TOTAL Postage and Delivery-Postage and Delivery Expense-70.2
PST-Provincial Sales Tax
7/28/98 Visa S RASPUTIN RECORDS-3.79
8/25/98 Loose Change S LOOKING GLASS PHOTO-1.86
TOTAL PST-Provincial Sales Tax-5.65
Recreation-Recreation Expense
7/29/98 Visa KMART 00007701 dumbell-8.65
TOTAL Recreation-Recreation Expense-8.65
Rent-Housing Rent
7/9/98Checking WITHD S WITHDRAWAL-475
7/28/98Checking ATM ATM WITHDRAWAL-140
7/31/98Checking ATM ATM WITHDRAWAL rent to amy-300
8/1/98Checking ATM ATM WITHDRAWAL rent to amy-175
10/5/98Checking WITHD S 2 months-950
10/5/98 Visa Usps 0555110010 mail Mom a check in a hurry-10.75
TOTAL Rent-Housing Rent-2050.75
8/3/98 Visa CYBER COPY & DESIG Blank BizCards-15
8/24/98 Visa OFFICE MAX 00003947 EMERY envelopes and trays-46.73
8/29/98 Visa Kantor's Disc.of" Office Chairs, Files Cabinets"-240.16
9/2/98 Visa Therapy Biz card case-13.02
9/9/98 Visa Kantor's Disc.of" keyboard tray, monitor stand"-70.36
9/9/98 Visa Office Max 00" mail bins, pens, markers"-51.22
9/9/98 Visa Rei 12 Berkeley blue shoulder bag-59.54
10/5/98 Visa Office Max 00-73.27
10/16/98 Visa Office Max 00-37.88
10/16/98 Visa REI 12 Berkeley Flashlights & Socks-49.73
12/2/98 Visa Copy Central Oakland Ca BizCards-34.36
TOTAL Supplies-691.27
10/5/98Checking WITHD S paying egg back for old bills-250
11/27/98Checking103 Pacific Bell1199-64.13
11/27/98Checking104 Pacific Bell1176-30.91
12/22/98Checking134 Pacific Bell1176-33.96
12/22/98Checking135 Pacific Bell1199-40.83
TOTAL Telephone-419.83
9/16/98 Visa Bayporter Expres-24
9/23/98 Visa Bayporter Expres-24
9/23/98 Visa Bayporter Expres-24
11/13/98 Visa Camerons Half Moon Bay Ca Anniversary - bed & beverage-75.9
11/17/98 Visa Rand McNally Map/Travel San Francisco Ca Luggage - EagleCreek Cargo Switchback Compact bag-222.37
11/21/98 Visa United Air 0161101253031 Wilmette IL SF - Boston in December-354
TOTAL Travel-724.27
" Utilities-Water, Gas, Electric:"
Gas & Electric-Gas and Electricity
12/22/98Checking131 PG&E delinquent bill-256.99
TOTAL Gas & Electric-Gas and Electricity-256.99
12/22/98Checking132 EBMUD delinquent bill-140.51
TOTAL Water-Water-140.51
" TOTAL Utilities-Water, Gas, Electric"-397.5
Uncategorized Expenses
6/10/98 Savings S LAWSUIT Petty Cash-80
6/26/98 Visa TXFR TRANSFER OF PREV. BAL. 40408702197.690
TOTAL Uncategorized Expenses-80
but somehow I'm still 500 dollars in debt! Internet Connected Home Finance software is amazing.

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