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july 31

litigious avoidance

trying to figure out how to gracefully break the lease here - we got a formal letter from our landlord. mom and i talk through a response letter, full with citations of the former letter, clauses and conditions, etc. i think it's unlikely our landlord will agree to let us use the big deposit towards our last month's rent, so we should probably pay up for august and keep it amicable and then hope to get some deposit back afterwards - mom observes "letter writing always escalates." so interesting to think of it that way - if you respond to someone's sense of righteousness with your own, you can take it to the next level of litigation. the alternative is conversation and i tried that this morning, volunteered to show the home while i was in it and to put in my time collecting applications (being on the other side of the housing hunt - hah) and she seemed willing. getting someone in here as soon as possible is in both of our interests. so it's good to avoid conflict. i'll have to keep the mugging story to myself.

but this place will be missed - gordon, the neighbor who owns the house to the right and his sister's to my left, he knocks on my door every friday at noon to remind me to move my car. because he recognizes it and remembers streetcleaning. that's some neighborly shit!

he just got a big rv he works on all the time. it's fun knowing people. i'm a brief part of a family here. i think people in the new hood i'm moving to keep to themselves more, even though it's safer (ostensibly). is that how it works?

i went to a party for birkenstock in the city - i took notes and i think i'll write about it for that happening new web zine they're all talking about -

one thing i've done in is to publish most everything in a large font - so people don't have to read it - it jumps out of the screen at them whether they like it or not. now when i look at my journal entries, everything looks too small (the fonts i mean - not the escapades. hah.) anyways, i raise a glass of water in toast to experimentation with larger fonts for the hard of sight or the tired of reading. like me!

i want to note here that this is the last time i will post a daze entry in july of 1998. the millenium! oh my god! it is upon us! soon, it will be too late to impregnate before a twenty-first century offspring!

and gawrsh, ain't the net faster after midnight pacific time on a friday. couldn't it always be like this? internet consumer fantasy scenarios.

last night i went to see buffalo daughter at the fillmore. is there a trend of young japanese women making interesting pop/rock/electronica synthesis? them and cibo matto at least. they rocked out. robotic at times - expressionless, like playing a joke on the audience. great music - their LI303VE song was epic. but typical of concerts, my transcendant experience was interrupted by the arrival of social concerns - mutual friends were on hand. one was jon, a gent i met on a phl->sfo plane because he recognized my wrist guards. he's a well-paid young computer professional - isn't it strange that someone who's 23 and gets to play with very fast computers makes more than most of the parents in america? he's a fast talker and very stimulating. he's net-knowledgable, but a bit more capital minded. and i think because he's making money he's genuinely different from most of the web professionals i know. it's like my brother colin said, "justin, you've been into the net for so long, why aren't you rich?" howard's reply to the same question - "because i'm stupid."

geek capitalist and stimulating: it's rare and fun to find those people, even rarer when they respond to a last minute invitation to a concert, join you for late night japantown denny's and then promise to attend the 32nd annual renaissance fair. i'll see you there!

today's muzzik:

ltj bukem - logical progression. logical - what an elusive notion. i've got an old swarthmore friend, evan dorn, he started a personal design company, "logical reality designs" - what does that mean? logical. whose?

anyways, ltj bukem's logical progression is very pleasant to listen to.. quiet but fervent music. it doesn't give up but it doesn't insist on center stage between my ears. good working music. the record label is "good looking records." that's funny.

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