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the legend of fong sai yuk
an excellent comedy of chinese manners and unbelievable kung fu

i first came in contact with "the legend of fong sai yuk" (I) at swarthmore, during two fisted features - wilson picked it.

this ended up as one of my favourites from that series -

legend of fong sai yuk - jet li airborne
jet li airborne

the plot is funny and only a little hard to follow (especially when compared to many other subtitled action films): the genderbending is good comedic fun, and the fighting is both funny and astonishing whupass.

some amazing stuff here acrobatically/cinematographically, including a no-touch-ground fight that starts on a tall scaffold and ends on the heads of the spectators.

the legend of fong sai yuk makes an excellent introduction to the hong kong kungfu/wushu genre.

jet li plays a young man who charming and skilled and falls for the town magistrate's daughter. the magistrate is a butthole and has a big kungfu contest to marry her off. jet li wins, but thinks he has to marry a different daughter. his mom steps in, dressed as a man, his dad may be involved in a comspiracy, there's a weird guy in a cool hat going around slaying people, etc. etc.

good luck finding it though! you might try buying it directly from Tai Seng - i bought my copy in chinatown in san francisco, on clement street.

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