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When I first saw images and text on the screen at the same time, with links, wow! Since January 1994, I've been using the web to publish my personal notes on life. Justin's Links, or - comprise a mess of pages, some inaccuracies, a bunch of broken links, and too much information.

I don't really make money off of this, and there's not much you can buy, save an eBook about a business failure of mine that I publish free anyways, and those ongoing sponsorships of my video efforts: The Justin Hall Show. I started speaking online in text and images. Links allowed me to add commentary layers or access to information behind words. Same with image maps - tap on the picture to navigate!

Eventually over decades, I've moved to making videos and video games - to get more vivid with my tales and challenge my skills! Most all of it is contained on these pages, even if it isn't hosted on these servers.

While I work occasionally as a public speaker or freelance writer, this site has been the most constant locus of work for my time on earth. Here's a much less official, occasionally omission-laden, rambling account of my life to date.

For the first nine years, the pages of this web site were strung together by hand. I published a few tutorials to help you do the same. Now I balance the hand-page making with some Movable Type for my archives. turned 10 years old in January 2004, and 20 years old in 2014.

I'm working on a documentary about my 20 years of life on the web.

Since 1994, my site has been hosted by friends in San Francisco: Cyborganic. After 2007, I moved to Rimuhosting.

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