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weirdos on the mountain
rob, doug, abbe, dred,
crested butte, 5 october 1996

16 september

i'm in transit today, and i catch myself like a different man -

i considered joining the red carpet club.

(this is united airline's place to business-traveller chill for people who can afford $300 a year. i don't know if i can, but i thought that if they had internet terminals, and i don't have a laptop anymore, it might be worth it for a good place to sleep and log in. they'll let you hang out there whether you have a united flight or not. but they don't have terminals. and i don't have $300 to cash out on that.

eagle creek bag instead, i've fallen in some kind of weird material anticipatory love with luggage: after granting my backpack to a man with a gun, i am ready to purchase something that can take my books and clothes abroad or just here and there. so during my layover, i decided not to hate corporations and i visited a mainline luggage store in the denver airport. they had this incredible looking eagle creek bag, like with wheels and backpacks. perfect for distributing load over your various parts. i've been partial to shoulder bags for years now, but they hurt the small of my back after a while. shifting from shoulder to backpack to wheeled luggage sounds like the best way to keep an "even strain on all parts" (some george says).

at $250 i'm gonna wait until they release the 18" version so it will pass international carry-on luggage standards - i avoid checking bags at all costs. inherited that from my mom.

spspin baldie vjim helped me make this when i scraped my hair off.

what's happening to me? where's the sex and drugs?

i travelled here without amy. i drink a little, i'm like an older guy. i have short hair, i'm wearing a tweed jacket, i make witty comments now and then, but i probably think i'm funnier than i am.

transformation is key i think. i wonder where i'll be in a year. heck, i wonder where you'll be in a year.

last time i made this trip to/from the digital storytelling festival, i joked about a bomb and was threatened by airport security.

and i had this crazy hair, and now people i meet here say, you look like you just came from prep-school.

amy cut my hair last. i miss her. we shared a nice and juicy kiss on my way out of the house today.

do you see a pattern heer?

sick stuff

today for i guess (or because i have a small hentai page), some guy mailed me one of the most offensive links i've ever witnessed.

offensive beyond politics, and mostly taste, into violence towards people and pure cruelty.

so i weighed it in my mind, albiet after a few "red girl ales" from the idle spur here in crested butte

and i put it up on bud because there are sociologists out there who could just go nuts. or each of us in our everyday sociological incarnation could explore the depths of the repressive facility.

it's ugly, but it's out there i figured. is it exploitative for me to publish it? not much more than publishing "ugly people pages" - where people link to pages of people they find unattractive.

i'd rather not do either, but when you set yourself up as a mirror you better be prepared to be cracked.

sick stuff

still, it's definitely so bad that i felt the need to explain it.

the digital storytelling festival is folks who tell stories using technology. sponsored by apple. today i was thinking about how much i like macintosh computers. no use hurling myself into a jihad-in-progress, but i do feel pretty compelled to say that they seem smarter computers for what i like to do.

it's kind of strange that so many people who make media use macintoshes. and the people that read that media, that make business, use wintels.

anyways, that's not that interesting i guess.

the digital storytelling festival. it's weird coming to a conference again. because there are people who are friends with the people throwing it, or they are regular attendees, or whatever, you have relationships rekindled in the same spot, the same time of year, over the same subject matter. it's like some friendship suspension system -

i like these people. the festival is in crested butte, which totally steers clear of a conference center feel. arg - worked too late on this web page shit, the jacuzzi off the lobby closed.

anyways it's a priledge to be invited, even if i'm only here to apologize for (my presence in) doug's movie. actually, i'm not here for that - i'm here to answer questions afterwards. but the apology thing, that's my self-depricating comeback when people ask what i'm (23 young male) doing here.

the other thing i say, to the people who don't look quite (licensed-to-be) eccentric enough to be "digital storytellers" - i ask, are you a digital storyteller? and they say, no, or whatever, and i say, something like, you are a digital storyteller if you've written e-mail.

ain't that the truth.

keep the flame alive!  write some e-mail!

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