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too many!  too much! hi, i'm justin @ links from the underground
the third week of june was a killer, so i could use any of the following:

a car
a computer: any used, any OS
a place to live in oakland/berkeley

thanks for your support.

a horizontal bar, with weird designs, dude.
july 2

all in, we're gonna win, check it out,

the other night amy describes me as "a cross between will smith and jeff goldblum"

the most fun thing in my life ain't here, it's here. i think i've hit on a good combo - my friends, folks webbed in to me, folks just know about such weird stuff, and can rattle off about it so readily. so i just funnel that to, and keep updating it, and all of a sudden i am seeing weird urls and keeping in touch with folks, and updating neck's article with better graphics and links, etc. what fun! (agro/vista: you didnt repost it you "repackeged" it)

i'm almost ready to quit my job! except i have no income. i wouldn't mind doing my job, but i'm kinda put off until october. it's hard to reach them when there's not a crazy deadline. i lost all of my zdtv notes - hard to start over. and now it's a national holiday. excuses excuses.

net skink - what the hell's a skink? rebecca eisenberg agro refers to as a portal, and i was having fun with that notion (accidentally creating something riddled with profanity and pornography that mimics the direction of corporate web dollars). my posture is good and my hands don't hurt much - i think it's cuz i'm inspired and having so much fun working. email is coming in, folks are writing blurbs, the web is hummin'!

agro/vista: portals = steal others work for money ...portals are the plantation owners of the web time and the ones making the content are the sharecropers

i love this job!

otherwise, my mother calls daily freaking out - "i don't want you to sleep there another night." she thinks my priorities are skewed because i haven't moved to a hotel, to avoid being shot. i feel perfectly happy in my house here (except the early july nightly M-80 explosions are a little daunting) - because granted the crazy fucking bay area housing market, it could be a little while until i can find a place to live, and who wants to shack up for weeks at howard johnson's? once you're inside, this is a safe place to live, and real nice too! gee whiz ma! you're making me crazy!

actually, she's laid off a little. i just wish she could see me go to look at "berkeley 1 bedroom cottage. less than 500 square feet. $780 per month" with amy, and there are six other couples who have gotten there early, and five others coming in after us. all of them older. most holding checkbooks. some driving beemers. what the heck do we expect? maybe a 2 bedroom in a more funky neighborhood that doesn't have people looking for it because it smells funny and has bad carpet. we should be so lucky.

spacebar's back, on superdeluxe (thanks jim)

fusty/shortsig: we talking here, our girlfriends are on the phone.
agro/vista: yeah kinda strange
agro/vista: soem sorta postmoderm couples get toghter
fusty/shortsig: double date on pacbell.

today's muzzik:

willie dixon - the big three trio. upbeat, nonstop rhythmic oldschool group blues. funny lyrics at times.

amy's music in the background: slater kinney, nina simone.

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