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june 11

can you polish a piece of shit?

zdtv has put me off until october: no taping, no segments airing, no webworkshop until 4th quarter. as i should have assumed, it was explained to me as the result of a lack of ad sales (that's the root reason for anything in this business, it seems).

to put a positive spin on things, i can continue to work with them if i like - in that time, they want to polish me, school me about tv, and have me work over the web workshop web site - i'll work with "ziggy stone" figuring out which is my better side, "he's a great packager" sez peter, a very tall guy with short hair.

zdtv president larry wangberg enters "i told my daughter (14) that one of our hosts looks like leonardo di caprio" so he wants his picture taken with me. i cast a smouldering look at the camera. i ask for a copy for my web site.

later on, when i'm walking down the hall, he wags his finger at my bare feet.

during the company meeting to announce zdtv on directtv, he is like some kind of benificent company father - gently joking at times, but mostly earnest and slow speaking and commending everyone in the family.
i can't help but remembering he is reportedly a mormon - that type of visionary christian, like "i believe we can make the world better." and here are a bunch of sf pretty people nodding their heads along with him. strange clash. or maybe just the right moment of computer chiq disdain and old world white guy manifesting destiny. zdtv needs a big story to cover (cnn - gulf war, msnbc - princess di) to establish itself as chronicling the computer revolution, and it might just be coming soon with all the technology in the news these days. timing is key. until then it's a nice screen saver for your tv.

as for ziggy stone, and my packaging education, i look forward to the chance to get paid to learn about tv. right? i figure my integrity can survive the experience - if it can't i have more to worry about than simply my soul. (gosh - that's so rational.)

and what will i do with myself, the justin brand, once i've been buffed and polished and spit shined and my smile gleams like los angeles? maybe i'll be ready to run for office!

on the home front - we watched 301/302 last night, a korean flick about two weird neighbor chicks and their issues with food. it's tweakin'. i wish i could say why, but that would defeat the purpose of seeing it. there's a lot of meat, and some rape, and things that people don't often eat. amy thought the food looked gross. i can dig on korean bbq mosttimes so i wasn't totally repulsed (friendship with jonathan steuer will inure you of these things). while it was wrenching, it was rare enough to be bearable. i mean when is the last time you saw intellectual film from korea? or america? intellectual film? oxymoron! image! packaging!

today's muzzik:

"the best of both worlds" hannibal/rykodisk world music box set. music is so nice when you don't understand the lyrics. and every country in the world is on here. except korea.

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