two of the same men shouted at me across the room as the battle cry of beset mages undertook the fate of the whitest man in the western world. i couldn't see through the haze of my clicking addiction, i was drawn away from the stairs to the seat of hatred across the continent.

five senators called me at once to announce their rule of law and i heard them all through two speakers

today is december 18, abbe's birthday and my egg fried away and the sausages sat in the senate, the only seat of any true power in a nation of ballless lawmakers who abide primarily by the dusty scrolls of the even whiter before them

the voices i heard and ran to see consisted mostly of congressmen and countryfolk, the darker ilk and the females - they set it straight, and somehow democratic. easier to enjoy the minority in any lynching, but clarence thomas was still lost in the pages of rolling stone and couldn't be paged to the floor for 15 seconds of comment, mr. speak.

i hear the hater has your diamond eyes, cross bones style. i like the echo it's like they argue with each other and i don't have to listen to. somehow the public national audio broadcasts before the delay of the span of see. and together they halt and stuffer through 12 hours of tedian scholarship, like kids in school who realize it's finals and reach for the obscure quote that will make their commentary worthless

i have met republicans i am sired of one

and a democrat too.

and the president is a man who must feel strange now if no other time that he is in the saddle and it is wired for more amps than he can handle. but my colleague from arkansas will kindly please submit his time.

crystal clear eyes and i can't see because i'm poor i don't have a tv
there's nothing on my desk but a big black box
i control the colours and i say nothing spahks
like skin

so a bachelor be with the holidaydee
ooou, oou, my lady
she's my ladydee and she's gone from me
so i sit in a puddle of spit
but boy can i click
just got no clit

oh how time flies when you can't read

at first flash reflection in the broad spans i see a stiffer man stands ready guardian of the earth army intellect peace plan
and why not? all things happen and then the far worse thing

and then i found this and she called and i still hadn't moved my chair closer to any skillet and each job advantage i had i smoked with lightning and fire and all sorts of stone walls, a mighty mighty man can resist these drugs

these are notes

when the medianoise dies and i sit alone in a colder home
ten hours of testimony and videogames will change your brain

i don't know how to play

i could play forever
my hands hurt
in the cold, in the polar bear

polar 1

confounding permeability i'll open up my heart someday and the flies in and then what? even walking the neighborhood is the same kind of conclusion i just want to get back to my circuit