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  justin @ labour day '98

september 13

mah ruts! i got the web juice coursing through my vains again is great fun but it ain't the huge playland of 1900 links. slides below in statistics - it's kind of astonishing! and exciting! and a challenge, and something obvious - the site more updated is the site worth visiting. with steve rhodes
beat all the major newswires and newsources and pundits and tie-wearers to the news of the sunday new york times hacking

then jon wilner chimes in with cojant analysis and fantastic links,

and then i read this New York Times published crap and i'm so sick of the old guard.

the hackers were articulate, thought-provoking, convincing. the old media sound paranoid and corrupt.

i'm glad there's a where i can read stuff i'm interested in written by people i respect in a tone that assumes i have a brain.

i'm not at all amazed that there are people everywhere waiting to do a better job covering culture than mainstream media.

so new directives:
implemented tonight in emacs

dated entries: three smaller web pages instead of one bigger one
write about each cultural element mentioned. no more few lines about a musician - make that musician a brief fan page.

por ehemplo:
legend of fong sai yuk, ltj bukem
that way people looking up weird shit will find someplace that affirms their proclivities.

new stackable urls up top tells you where you are : : vita : corp : appendix

removed the quotes/ads and toolbar crap from the bottom of the pages - faster loading.

carew - loop root
i finally put up a better picture of carew
and made this lovin' loop (162k) that takes a long time to load.

web work makes me happy.
amy's been sick -
green out both ends this weekend,
i've been doing a little soup and comfort duty

we haven't been kissing like we usually do
(usually is minutes apart when we're together)

now my lips are bleeding
i can taste it.

ltj bukem, logical progression.
willam orbit, strange cargo III (i'll write that later).
ellington/mingus/roach - money jungle (i shouldn't even have to write that one - you should know.)

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