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september 10

today i went to zdtv at night
things were empty, his eyes, as usual
i had to take a pen to tell them who i was

there were voices, and fingers typing
they were all sent away but me i was alone in the light with him

he was gentle at me he asked me questions and we did it again and again and again
it was all the same, what we did
he was gentle at me
and they laughed at him

he was naked

later they put a voice in my head too
she was sweet, not a bitch, but with open ears

they talked to me they told me things
told me to go to the computer. the monitor
they asked me why

i felt afraid
the voice didn't care
i talked about my mother
they asked me why

later it was over
they took out the tubes
i tried to leave, i tried to pee
they asked me to stay
they said i was good

it was late
i was still afraid

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