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i got a woody
hello october 19

this goddamn ms windows crashes just as much as my macintosh. i haven't owned a computer yet that can match my pace online. shouldn't i expect that? two browser windows, email, ftp and two telnets is always ten minutes from barfing, max. regardless of operating system. then it's just a matter of which startup screen you prefer to watch during your downtime. i would try to better pace my exploration but the net just begs spawning windows.

or maybe it's my sikh theme. the indian sitar and singing soft and melodious, tablas accompanying my windowing functions. so should i have to give up beauty for consistency?

but hey i shrug off this mortal coil tomorrow at 5 am the bayporter picks me up and i'm to sweden.

this time for many more days! recently when i've been travelling on biz it's been mad hectic - on planes or laying over for 36 total round trip, 32 hours on the ground. not this time, no sir.

i'm going a few days early:

bro tid
svante left, his brother po right.
thursday we go shopping food, wine and stuff and take my car and drive north up to the house. it doesn't take more than four hours to get there. then we'll stay there, take walks in the forests, i'm gonna show you the places I used to go out and drink at when I was younger, we'll make fires, read, eat, talk, take it easy and you know...

the north of sweden is probably a pretty chill place, considering the o-seasonal lack of sunlight. i'm sure it has it's own counter-idyllisms, but wherever you prepare for lighting fires drinking wine and taking walks sounds pretty got dan relaxin' to me.

and then i'll elocute @ links98 to earn my keep (they put it: "The 'net poet' Justin Hall performs") :

> could you please tell me how i will be presenting? i think i have two
> hours - will there be any structure or do i just speak and answer
> questions? will i be at a table with people, in a room, or addressing
> a
> large crowd? i have no picture in my mind!

Your seminar starts at 10 and you have two hours.You are free to do as you please, if you want to you can divide the lecture into two parts wtih a short break inbetween. You can also do a traditional lecture in 1 hour and then let people ask questions. Your lecture takes place in hall which has room for 500 persons. I think you can expect a large crowd

you know mosttimes you want more time, but two hours unstructured, with an engaging, deep topic that demands preparation, that's a welcome challenge that feels like a tremendous opportunity.

do i have enough edu vision to leave swedish teachers something worthwhile? this shouldn't be simply tell the story of your life and be cute - how will i keep coherent that long?

so listening to "as it happens" - the canadian all things considered on npr. and there's some guy talking about his funeral consultation service losing its non-profit status. now this is something he's clearly upset about, and he wants to gripe on canadian public radio. but first even this pissed off guy has to answer context questions to set the scene

so i think i will start with an introduction, how i came to this conclusion; this context is an exciting model - i can expound on my background to provide philosophy (after i announce to folks that there is, in fact, an eventual point).

and the point is: i want to apply the form i've used to detail my life to academic persuits by describing a model for rich online textbooks and coaching classes to create their own.

'the people's station' so i'm glad to have found some answer in this radio program: they're trying to find a way, through context, to make this subject interesting to me. i smile as i switch lanes and tune into kmel - aaliyah and timberland are doing their somebody song with the baby sample that has been on constant rotation since july. i don't mind most of the songs they play until dead and then some; ma$e isn't all that all the time, but he did swear up a rufless storm during the live kmel summer jam concert.

an odd ad

i love mpeg3 - downloading songs that you wouldn't necessarily wanna buy and trading with your friends. it's the most incredible way to make mixes - every time you chose files to play, you're juxtaposing different artists and all that. it's such a great way to share the good shit! i wish i had gotten into it before the servers were so overloaded. when i had good bandwidth i had no decent pooter, and now i have no bandwidth. but i got the skins.

still - to remember "digital underground" and then to find "freaks of the industry" online searching for music, and yes wilner i found (rick james) superfreak too! but now folks want me to give them some music trade first. i don't have enough modem! i'll have to try to leech.

my winamp playlist:
James Brown vs. Coldcut - The Payback Mix
public enemy-can'ttrussit

from beatthief:

qbert does the jb

gk calls, asks for amy - i like it when people talk, i put it on. i do that at times - hand the phone off. most of the time the unintended conversation is a breakthrough. telepresence immersion - meet my virtual community. i know my friends are funny weirdos - it's fun to listen to half-a-get-to-know-you conversation where i know both parties

how can we avoid feeling married? amy asks. she distastes the unity of things - fearing stagnation? - the institution into which we are increasingly cast by our extended cohabitation. i can see where she is coming from, child of seven times married parents. but these are the wages of security, comfort. how then could we make our situation less married? fool around. monogamy is what makes it feel like there's something solid scary and comforting there.

the time i last updated this page before this was october 16. and since that time our houseguests have split.

having houseguests is great. they bring an alternative way of living up close to your own; great for comparison and experience. it's almost like travelling yourself - surroundings change, there are new stories, smells and noises. perhaps it was these houseguests - all during their stay andy and kira made soft guitar playings together and left us with co-created artworks.

they will be missed. they may come back. i'll be in sweden.

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