november 3


i'm goddamn pissed as hell

wachovia my bank sold my credit card account to another bank. (standard term in your credit card contract) this to supposedly afford me some convenience. well, my convenience was paying my credit card bill online, automatic transfer from my checking and savings accounts, and dialing in with home finance software to try to get my financial shit together. well now my little home finance operation has been dissolved and i have no goddamn choice or power over the deal.


where the fuck do they get off! it's one thing to change my life without asking; it's quite another to have it be a binding decision irreversible!

isn't the customer king? king of pain!

wachovia it's a goddamn travesty - my credit history, now sold, probably can not be returned as part of a bulk database transfer of over 200,000 other unwitting customers. consoling bank officials assure me they will do their best to try to buy me back. if the other bank wants to sell me. i'm not consoled.

fuck those financial charlatans! how about asking me if i want a goddamn favour done for me? didn't i choose my own bank? what happened to branding and loyalty? i didn't want to be sold!

so i try to restrain my ranting, poor susan associate vice president of customer advocacy has to listen to my high minded and lowly worded castigations of a most silly set of circumstances that has me irate when i should be meditating.

they said they sold me because i had an east coast address for so long (although not since may) that i would be better served by an east coast credit card pusher. @#(*&!@#(*^!%@)(!!

my life will never be "together." face it hall. either my finances are a mess, my house is a disaster, my personal life is a wreck, my body is reeling, or doom is impending.

just when you think you've gotten all your ducks in a row, there come the animal rights activists.

so while this aspect of modern existance has gone awry, two bay area art schools have appeared interested in my spew - teaching basic webbing at the san francisco art institute and talking web philosophy to california college of arts and crafts.

local education work seems an eminantly fisable way of supporting myself. and i love teaching! it keeps me active! so thanks to carl and howard who were respectively responsible for introductions.

hurricane mitch has hit the reboot button on honduras - my friends must have left their wood and straw houses, or they are dead. or they will suffer from outbreaks of water borne diseases to follow the storm. so much for sylvester stallone's "iguana beach" resort. i hope they are okay. no email. should i give money to honduran relief? (for honduras news in english see honduras this week)

honduras reset - the entire country is disabled: the already ragtag jurryrigged patchwork of basic infrastructure services is largely demolished. so they start over, amidst great human misery. will poor people get any more arable land out of the deal? dare to dream. (homespun tales of woe and hope, as only the net can offer across the hemisphere - hondo1)

by Sergio Murillo
by Sergio Murillo
by Sergio Murillo
(photos by Sergio Murillo, from hondo1 - there's more there.)