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july 9

shots ring out no one bothers

dinner of chicken potstickers - delicious fried with salt. i remember megan's mom used to homemake them.

trying to come up with structure for the archives - realize we're spontaineously creating some kind of alternative yahoo or something. a search engine looms in the distant future. columnists/regulars.

it begs order! and tempts disorder - there's something wonderful anarchic about having it grow and just grow and grow without clear fencing. but i could make the archives easier to access...

that starts getting into some library type shit - categories and so forth. those distinctions always seem so arbitrary, i think needs to defy that rigid a format. by author and by search methinks.

took a roadtrip to santa cruz with amy and kathy, who's portugese, not italian. i brought a new notebook and lost it the first night out - a sign. now my notebook has been stolen, and lost. ug. i'm not meant to be taking notes right now.

housing in the bay area is just nuts. ug. so i wrote about it. i like writing, but i like publishing too. i can do both, write? writing is about expertise, publishing is about relationships. they're a little interchangable.

after she with me visited howard for his birthday, i realized that one thing i love about amy is that she has enough brainspace, or heartspace, to come to care about or at least put up with what i'm into. she's become friends with my friends, she reminds me about my relatives. it's so nice to be able to share my life with her and know she'll enjoy it.

still so much fabulous sex.

cary grant on acid cary grant takes acid orally - cause of his bad breath?
and we certainly do see a lots of movies together. i recommend smoke signals - that was fun and original and thoughtful. the wild bunch, on video, is a grizzly western that's not fast enough to be two fisted. freeway, on cable at the sandpiper motel in santa cruz, i was remembered, is ultrahardcore fucked up. that is one rocker chick and one serious flick. do it! freeway!

went to see gone with the wind last night - four goddamn hours in a movie theatre seat for unpolitically correct pap. it's actually quite surreal - that so many confused people play such a starring role in such a grand epic. amy's telling me that vivian leigh complained bitterly to the director about cary grant's bad breath changed my viewing experience.

it's been a week since i've updated here, between travelling and other online entanglements. and looking for housing. here's a link i want to keep, an account of some fun i had with carl at web 98.

today's muzzik:

rush - moving pictures. a classic of something - i'm not sure what. makes me think of nice longhaired white people i know.

and i tried a bit of bjork tonight - it's been a while since i've been able to appreciate her. she's good - debut made me dance.

shots ring out and no one bothers - i'm working here, and taking a break for some video games when i hear pop and a reply pop and a reply - i think fourth of july is finally over but there is some unnerving noises outside like this is the time when i live close to the ground and get jiggy with it like the style of what you have when you're not worrying about money but instead shelter and food and soon i'll move into something nicer and i won't have to go take a shit because at least that will put a wall between me and potential loose bullets.

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