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s u s h i

I used to think this was enlightened food
spare, subtle, particular, expensive

but recently, slabs of fatty fish with avocado? it seems more obvious extravagant.

perhaps I need to taste sushi in Japan. But at least in this country, sushi reflects the human craving for rich fatty foods.

but perhaps that's what I get for eating sushi in Penn Station.

and my favourite sushi place, ebisu, in the sunset of san francisco

A sushi eating trick I learned from Timothy Childs:

I like wasabi - that green paste you get with most orders of sushi. You can mix it in with the soy sauce so that each dipped mouthful is nose-clearing spicy delight.

put a dollop in a dry soy sauce dish. put just a dash of soy sauce over it, just enough to wet it, not sitting in a puddle. Mix up the small amount of soy with the paste until a consistent soft puddle of hot soy is formed. Then, add more soy to dilute if you desire, at least you've avoided the dreaded clumpy wasabi-soy!

It is not too hard to make, check out the roll your own sushi page.

what's really great about sushi, or japanese food, I like miso.

cheap sushi is just alright.

Tongsue says I should try Shimo in SF.

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