december 7

Today Was A Good Day. I Went To Someone's House And Worked On Their Website.

The contractor sometimes working on my house is Don Pearman. Nice guy. Philosophical like - talking. so we talk a lot. and i didn't even work on him, he just decided of his own volition that he needed a web site.

But this is a rare opportunity you see, because he has hundreds of columns he's written for the Sacramento Bee - hundreds of user level basic info about housing construction. Nice Chatty Columns! approachable and friendly. and useful!

my grandfather's birthday was yesterday:

my wisdom is very limited after my stroke
i'm grateful that i'm still in circulation

he sounds sadly getting off the phone - i'm almost gone i hear in his voice and what can a gallavanting grandson occasionally deigning to call from another coast do anything about it? i wonder if i keep him warm with my words or just remind him that we aren't fishing or working together - he is a regular visit for me, in the company of a holiday crowd in and out. and he is in a home with other elderly,

reach for me

and he thinks he has nothing else to teach me

and he's a photo nut so he takes pictures of all sorts of calamitous building accidents, and total decay and rot and fires and all sorts of oogily stuff that's perfect to season his articles and his website. so it's a chance to make a hypertext textbook on don pearman on construction!

so why would i need a job?

I get to learn about construction, i get to try my ideas about site design on some other poor soul, i make a little bit of money and occasional free lunch, my client is in my neighborhood,

i get to use amy's g3 - making a site with BBEdit on a mac again is nice (though HomeSite ain't all bad.

maybe i'll submit myself to braintrust or something

- let fate pay my bills with my skills i'm one mean keen web sireen i'm gonna to knock you out with my stout, fat stupid web shit more than bitz it's coming from the land where the choppers roam i'm in my home beside the creek and still i seek a job a career a direction to steer but i keep my head clear with some fungal beer and when the coast is near i'm gonna take you to the floor with an online store, make some hypertext that you love the best and bust some tenosynovitis like you gotta try this

other than that I'm playing some games to get back into what i used to love, and research any potential writing i might do in the gaming industry. keeping track of the games and writing as I play is good - makes me feel like an ordinarily procrastinatory activity is now charged with the intensity of inscribing an under-saluted genre of human expression.

my revelation, after some time procrastinatory, not finishing my resume, giving hallucinogens a chance to insight me, and taking advice from a few corners:

why not just work on what's in front of you?

what a got dand recurring type of monkey.

amy gave me a back massage tonight, that was nice.

celebrate good times comon!
and we went to see the celebration! recommended by Svante. Celebration is an purely fantastic movie. joyous yet difficult. funny and wrenching. totally in your face and in the face of each of the participants. the technology looks eminently possible - celebration makes artful use of lowtech video type filmation. it's a cool look and it works and the undersaturated visual vibe spikes the freakshow of scandinavian tension artfully reflected. this movie is a smart good time. see this movie.

do you hear what i hear?

sound of amy phonetalking to kathy about oscar.

humming of appliances

not so much muzzik tonight. well, human music. and machine music.

no sound - amy is sleeping. up too late making web pages. off 1.35am.