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too many!  too much! hi, i'm justin @ links from the underground
the third week of june was a killer, so i could use any of the following:

a car
a computer: any used, any OS
a place to live in oakland/berkeley

thanks for your support.

a horizontal bar, with weird designs, dude.
june 29

here we go: no one, no way, gonna stop:

a torrent of production on the new thing - the plane is a great shitless vacuum to work in. a little cramped, to be sure. espceioally when you have to use an external keyboard.

i know the web is a great untapped brain with various and few nodes that reach me. but the potential exists to become hardwired into the whole thing - a conduit for all the wackiness and baseline bullshit that is human society late now.

in order to make the thing work right, i've got to update it so often. and in order to update it so often, i've got to get stuff from beyond my own surfing.

visit here if you surf the net a lot and don't have anything better to do

gk listens to my plan and sez something like, "you just want to be manic. it sounds really fucking manic."
kiss this g3 fusty/case: zdtv gave me a 250 mhz g3 to use and i can't believe how much nicer it is to have a fast computer and fast modem.
jim/ : they don't know you very well, do they. that's like throwing hardware at the problem.

it's very hard to start the moving shit again - loading shit in a truck is vastly different from searching for residences: this market is crammed. i start to think about staying, or why am i moving out of this beautiful home? and then i remember:

fusty/case: well, it's hard to be young, and take the bart at night and do dumb shit like walk in your neighborhood, if you think you might be shot.

carl suggests:

perhaps the efficiencies of the underground economy have caused your laptop to fall into the hands of a bright urban youth who, because of your generous donation, will embrace a lifetime of learning. you may have birthed the next justin hall!

on another entirely unrelated note, i know amy's something nice because i was contemplating diet for a new america (seth recommended) in some corporate bookstore the other day, for 14 $ - i thought it was important to own, to read, but i couldn't afford it. i returned to nebraska, and amy had picked up a yard sale copy for 50 cents. i had said nothing. i love that girl.

today's muzzik:

joeseph spence. sings like a drunk man who's lost his teeth but injected amphetamines into his hands before grasping an out of tune guitar.

and ltj bukem. perfect for playing out of a computer. computer music. san franciscan. i like this place. i have to move.

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