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my deville and me

me and my other used car:
1970 cadillac sedan deville
june '98, photo by mom.

september 14, baby.

today at zdtv i discovered that what i had thought was wrong

i thought i was going to make good tv by taking control of the little things. or rather, i thought the tv would suck if i didn't take control of the little things.

i mean the original logo the proposed for the show "web workshop" was loosely based on blueprints and was a pretty innovative logo for a paper products company or something. but for my show and my friends and my favourite websites?

but now i'm just kickin' back, and i'm going to make the best tv i can and they can worry about trying to make a logo that's a cool as the shit that's gonna come out of my mouth on that live tv show.

right - pardon me i just drank a double-packet hot chocolate. like i used to when i was a kid. my parrents decided that was the source cause problem of my hyperactivity so i was restricted. soon after my chocolate consumption was reallowed but still it's a naughty treat.

a naughty treat

today driving my friday purchased used '88 honda civic, blue, i decided i should write a lot more about sex.

about fantasy - like what runs through my head. maybe i should write fantasies. but that seems upon reflection like such a personal thing to reveal! your turn ons! because what if everyone could find out online that i love sticking a good cigar up a girlie's cooch? then absolutely no one would respect me, i'm sure of it.

my boss's boss's boss, something like that
peter hammersly, a nice tall white guy

i was talking to him, because i gave zdtv some feedback last week,
like they weren't exactly stroking the live fantastic youth/geek demographic;

their coverage was nearly nil considering contemporary computer culture. the hosts were too blowdried. etc. etc.

so peter, what demographic are you guys shooting for?

and i guess as he explained it some, zdtv is more for beginners, maybe up to intermediate. and i guess that makes sense - most of the people i know in my life are computer beginners. a few intermediates. all my relatives. most of my college friends. my high school chums. my teachers. my zdtv coworkers.

so zdtv is more interested in speaking to them, and getting all high flying geek chiqy makes computers an alienating experience for the newbie, right:

hating is masticating like if all of a sudden computers and computer users appear to be some kind of weird tribe or cult

(i was actually impressed, sorta against my will, that peter mentioned "cult of the dead cow" during his examples of different demographics. you could do worse than that.)

and all of a sudden i had my wired arguments shoved like piecream in my face - i wanted computer culture to be non-elitist and wired was pushing away the peoples.

and now by proposing to profile my web community i was pushing away "ma and pa kettle" ?

after this brief doubting of my own populism, i took it in stride - i'd do a camera in kansas and a camera in copenhagen, and my commentary or just the folks onscreen themselves would make it clear that computers are omnipresent and hey everyone's weird and just like one of your cousins somewhere. duh - i was going to do that anyways.

bill the borg - from slashdot besides, aren't we beyond the point where people think computers are only for bespecktacled satan workshippers? goddurn it, assimilate yerselves you lil' doggies!

thelonious monk, genius of modern music volume 1
duke ellington, far east suite
spring heel jack

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