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i will be emceeing at webzine99 this saturday

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i have three web page clients these days,

don pearman, who lives in oakland and knows everything about building contracting and natural disasters. we've put up over 170 of his articles and almost a hundred photos and now we're combing the site and making links between the pieces. it's just about my favourite information management task - drawing connections between things, making an encyclopaedia you can browse forever according to your curiosity.

and now howard's friend james katz, who runs river trips up north. he offered me a trip last weekend so i could see his thing, he's at home on the river really, and he makes you feel that way too. i bargained for amy to come along (her first time upstream like that) and we had a blast. I like trading web services for time in flip flips in an inflatable kayak, inhaling water up my nose and i try not to lose my hat because i've flipped over in some gamey looking rushing-water covered pile of rocks.

when we got back, we'd left the house in care of our houseguests at the time - Walt and Robin, wilson's brother. It was a trade actually, they loaned us their camping equipment and we loaned them our house. calphalon It turned out fine except they cleaned a teflon pan with a metal spatula and half the teflon came off, leaving a cancerous looking mess i felt compelled to toss, so we have no saucepan and don't want to get the same cheap crap - can i afford calphalon piece by piece?

also, i think fernando the cat was pissed, literally i found out the next day when i pushed my feet down into something wet and woke up into a big puddle of cat piss on our comforter. i endeavored to show the cat not to do that, so amy picked him up and we chastised him and he moved over between us on the comforter and pushed out a shit right on the bed in front of us. then he hightailed it under the couch. what a sight that was!

i felt like i'd been hit by the cat mafia. "don't you fuck with us again mister" so i cleaned out his litterbox extra good and worked to win back his friendship, in spite of the fact that now we're going to have to buy some new bedding. oy! the joys of parenthood.

other than that, i'm contemplating writing a book along these lines and i'm spending regular time with howard in his new sauna.

smiling jon krusty i'm working on a the brain interface to these pages and backend to bud.com. krusty says i'm a mooch, because i like free hosting and i look for free programming collaboration. "it's not 1994 - it's 1999, people pay for shit now" i guess some of them do but i think i pay with patience and time rather than money, because i've got a lot more of the former these days. volunteers are still nice, because they do it for love or relationships rather than money. i guess money makes everything clear and you can demand a certain level of service and certain deadlines, but that's not what i can sustain personally with links.net and bud.com and do i really want to have that kind of attitude around the sites anyhow? wilson's working on logos, maybe we'll sell some bud.com t-shirts.

the eye of the world otherwise, i'm reading robert jordan's "Eye of the World" the first in an 8 book, several thousand page fantasy epic. too many people recommended it to me - all the volumes. that's a sign. it's definitely engaging - which is good, it's not the heafty nonfiction embalmbed in krusty's "edge city" or howard's "guns, germs, and steel" (on my short reading list next) - snake wheel but the fun and engaging quality of it is training me to take moments away from my afternoon computing to lay on the yellow couch in our upstairs bedroom and read with fernando at my feet and the trees beyond in the window outside.

i'm really coming to love where i live because there are so many trees. i am in the city but surrounded by green and that feels very nice.

golden oakland

15 july
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