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attitude plus drugz equals bleuh ?



alexander shuglin, of all people, said of pot

"I feel the light-headed intoxication and benign alteration of consciousness does not adequately compensate for an uncomfortable feeling that I am wasting time."
I used to smoke pot a lot. Heck, it got my out of my house, off my computer in high school.

It got depressing when I realized that

I have friendships that are primarily pot based. Gatherings like these, watch people's eyes, their eyes watch the drugs.
no drugs, the party's on hold.

conversations like

I was so stoned I fuckin'
I smoked so much that I fuckin'

all manner of good times can be not remembered
but exaggerated in the light of drugs
which allows anything
it's about denying responsibility for life
anything is bearable stoned
more and more tired and drained
hold on, let's order a pizza
have some munchies and
wait, what were we talking about?

not that these aren't wonderful people,

we're so busy trying to reach nirvana
we can't reach each other.

sure I smoke pot every once in a while -

tho it gets to be less and less
there's times and places that seem appropriate and I allow
my brain sits in a cloud for days after
throat clogged
sinuses freak out
I'm days mending
for three hours of focus-lack
or hyper analysis -
I can't talk cuz I'm too busy in my brain

I think I'm enjoying them
but everthing is so fuzzy

sometimes is great, we have a chat
a conversant back and forth over a joint
and some wine
we really connected
had a good time

could we have been sober?
clear headed?

perhaps there is something to the pot state of mind

process over product
let's get there without the drugs
it'll be a challenge
we might learn something

If you are going to smoke pot,
don't just smoke,
make a ritual of it
treat your body well by smoking as little as possible
smoke good potent pot
drink lots of water.
people tell me its about relaxation

I get hyped up

in my mind
for a while

then I'm jonesin' for more pot.

very hard to resist more

it sucks to come down.

In 1994, a fan of pot with more access to the Internet registered

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