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swarthmore college

Academic Gridiron

me and swarthmore prez al bloom
me and swarthmore president al bloom
photo: dan lurie

considering swarthmore college? read this.
I like swarthmore college because there aren't so many phonies. Some weirdos, for sure; hard working ones, to be respected.

Swarthmore is an extremely focused place, at least until green bottle.

I made radio, the electric eclectic, and I helped web publishing here by holding regular meetings. Spring '96, I conducted a web ethics class.

I wrote a poem that captures for me the intellectual ennui of this place, Questions. I have put up some of my coursework and, I've tried to track some of the local lingo. Unfortunately, I caught a sexually transmitted disease here.

Public Safety at Swat is intriguing to follow.

Fall of '93

Spring of '94

fall '94: I took a semester off to work at HotWired

Spring of '95.

Fall of '95

Spring of '96.

fall 96: I took a semester off to work at electric minds

Spring of '97.

Fall of '97

Spring of '98

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