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headband wilson was a year behind me at swat. we met in the spring of 1995 because becky knew of another crazy guy who wrote poems.

wilson is a poet, like a bluesman, trouble and sinnin' - a strange relationship with fate.
he's got rhythm. it's pretty jerky agressive, he rolls me under the table regularly. he's one of the most impatient guys i know!

his torrential verbiage can be stunning; witness his ode to Viagra (and his other work at ain't to blink during neither).

he's got crazy energy, restless mobile - he has his share of fun (63k .aiff).

wilson hails from North Carolina, he's got a bit of the down home in him. he's goofy, got an unruly head of hair, prone to flamboyant drama or sudden sadness. Sometimes he reminds me of L'il Abner, sometimes John Belushi.

but he's got a ferocious vocabulary - so perhaps William Buckley on PCP.

read his april '98 review of cafe belissimo.

after passing poems back and forth over e-mail, we held an end of the semester reading in his room that was fun fun fun. Inspired, we co-hosted an outdoor reading in May '95 that saw a multiplicity of performers, styles and emotions. Helena freaked out monologue, Yoni sang umheric praises, all tequila purchased was consumed.

blue two For Harambe, Swarthmore's multicultural festival, Wilson and I each read a few works on a small under attended side stage. Later on that day, we hosted a booth handing out poems on any subject. Presidential ruminations for Al Bloom, many words on various boyfriends and pets.

His stuff is fun, fanciful articulate, I dig it. It's got a rap rhyme quality to it that is quite engaging. when i turned 23, he wrote me a poem: chester .23.

He's since started freestylin', random raps to rhythm; evidencing his think quick. I try to keep up, but I'm not got the flow confidence yet.

he's also quite an illustrator - he cartooned for the phoenix our senior year together at swarthmore, and he drew occasionally in my notebooks: when we went to see mark taylor and satan and adam.
he also put together a lot of flyers, specially for two fisted features which he put on with me.

i like his flyers...

dj wilson on wsrn, the student radio station
he's a blues DJ, and occasionally sneaks in some hard core rappings. he somehow manages to offend station sensibilities with his taste and mannerisms - i never heard anyone read a funnier public service annoucement.

Fall '95 our radio shows were back to back

his, down home blues with a feelin' - Season of the Witch, followed by my electric eclectic.

we later became promotions codirectors of wsrn where we struggled to bring a little bit of enthusiasm - our foes were both our busy schedules/short attention spans and radio board meetings that lasted longer than wil's patience for broadcasting politics trivia.

I tried to get Wilson into this web publishing bit, he's got a vociferous start up, and he did scan his face.

i like his hair puffy, judge fer yourself:

or long

cheapest wig his hair was at its puffiest when wilson tried on this cheap-ass wig with a certain sinorita on our trip to atlanta during my summer tour 1996

during that trip i was able to see davidson, north carolina, his home town, where he grew up with ben.

trophy wil After college, we stayed friends across America - I moved to California; he stayed in New York City or North Carolina. He became a graphic designer, soon making his own t-shirts and finally his own fashions with his partner Karina in SAME. I was very fond of his "Made in Vagina" t-shirts; Jane and I participated in a SAME fashion show.

blue two photograph by jesse dancey, spring '96

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