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to determine the absolute potential independence of a personal internet publisher.

i will graduate from college (lord willing) in june 1997:

i want to be independent, paid to do what i love and write about it on my web site.

mebbe if i made living off and on my web site my full time job, i just might be able to support myself here,
so i'm saving up now to start

sun in my eyes
if you like
this site
and if you can;
please support me:
(money, checks are wonderful,
whatever you can send.)

justin hall
swarthmore college
500 college avenue
swarthmore, pa 19081

i'd love to come talk to you, an individual or a group.
maybe i can help you to (better) publish online, talk with you about internet ethics, trade stories. heck, i've been a lot of places, i can talk about a lot of things. you pay me what you can afford to.

if you want something tangible for your money, you might invite me to talk or teach

maybe some day i'll sell pamphlets or CDRoms or something.

some day, DigiCash will come along, and it may make all of this moneyraisin' a whole lot easier. my site will always be free, but i think digital cash, while making the net a more profitable place to publish, will likely make it less fancy free to surf.

help make digital donations a likely way to live!
support internet vagabondage!

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