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snake eye
stupa I like to think of myself as a spiritual guy. I have no formal training, but at times I feel/understand the love of jesus, the plentitude of ganesh, the compassion of buddah, the wisdom of torah, the power of the hohly speerit, the glory of allah, the chaos and lust of kali - i thoroughly enjoy water and fire
and sometimes I seek structure in the i ching.

My only regular church when I was grewin' up was in nebraska with my grandparents. I think it may have been calvinist, it was certainly protestant. Methodist! I later learned.

My brother and I used to tour Chicago area churches, I remember visiting a mormon service.

Besides that, a lot of the kids I went to school with were Jewish; I attended bar and batz mitzvahs by the score.

I had a shrink for many years, when the shit got really bad, mom sent me to ted, my rabbi. I celebrated my first Passover with him. Later I would celebrate with Howard using the Rheingold Haggadah.

I like writing and saying grace, taking a moment, beat to recognize nourishment and gathering before a meal

christmas '95: evegrace

flaming face At swarthmore, I studied shamanism

therein, I took a shamanic journey, examined the new age (including the the celestine prophecy), was possessed by flaming arrow spirit.

There I also studied a bit of buddhism. I thunk about the buddhodisty of the internet. Also Thich Nhat Hanh, I examined my life in light of his interbeing.

spirituality's got quite a varied visage holy speerit

In 2001, I moved to Japan, and was fascinated by the modern and ancient spiritual traditions there - phallic festivals in the snow, incarnations of small dieties in video game characters. In January 2015 I pondered tree prayers.

In 2003, I started practicing Aikido and found that to be meditative and spiritual.

In 2013, I chronicled my personal pantheon.

Online and offline, I've done some searching for sacred sexuality with varied results.

multi-faceted online Oracle. some christian spirit provocation


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