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stars!  whoa! astrology! whoo hoo!

sagittariusarcher astrology

"A fool is ruled by the stars, a wise man is aware of them"
- thanks to Jennifer Roberts

astrology basix

it's like acting - diffrn't planets are actors
signs are the roles
houses are the stage.

this wisdom ain't all mine;
and online resources of worth or note.

note to bunk:

I used to not believe in anything. Now, as I mature, I find myself believing in more and more.

man, I used to talk crazy shit about astrology. just cuz it seemed unscientific, made up cosmo mag bullshit.

but then I got this crazy smart trippy girlfriend,
and we used to talk about astrology all the time

and then I checked out this astrology book in the bookstore, looking up my chart, and I saw that saturn in the fourth house (which I have)

can mean the early death of a father, and the father becoming the burdern of guilt and depression.

that talked some to me.

now I don't think it's any catch-all means of figgerin' out the world, but it certainly sheds some light on some stuff.
it's another system. another means to interpret stuff

another metaphor.

I like collecting metaphors

and moreover, once you're familiar with this stuff,

you'll see astrology ehhhhverywhere.

21 november 1997 - * people are not one of 12 types *

capricornCapricorn - mountain goat, they climb that hill daily. with the weight of the world on their bony shoulders. lighten up, eh? arrogant, actually, these folks can be good for a laugh. don't laugh too hard at them, they might butt you in the ass.

aquariusAquarius - good travelling companions. they laugh a lot, or maybe they're funny. they might flake out. water bearer, they make things flow. flow things flow. hah hah hah!

piscesPisces - deep and doozy both fun and whoa - chill out! leave them behind to wallow and they'll be attracted later to your good times. warm, and willing!

ariesAries - you might try to take them on, but just when you start celebrating the game, they'll whup ass and show you they weren't playing. either that or they won't understand, and that could scare you. watch their driving. whoa, doggie.

taurusTaurus - moses stood on a rock. you might stand on a taurus. seriously, these are solid folks. don't try to push them, you don't have the strength.

geminiGemini - these folks will likely listen to you talk. isn't that a godsend? but observe your conversation - man, will it ever jump topic. they can argue; no they can't. yes! they can!

cancerCancer - mama. you can poke a little fun in the ribs of these folks and as long as you stay far enough away you'll just drive them in on themselves and you won't have to feel the pinch of their crab claws. but be nice, they can really suffer. whew.

leoLeo - lions can play well, but they often need to be indulged. can you stand it? too many inside jokes and too much patronage are the price to pay for warm eyes and a caring nature.

virgoVirgo - these people can know some deep shit. query them to your hearts content on their field of interest - it's hard to reach their bottom of exploration. surprisingly irregular for someone who seems to work so hard.

libraLibra - they can talk and laugh, and laugh and talk. laugh and talk. talk and laugh. they might provoke you, just to keep you in line. do you like being kept in line? they're good at it too. just you try to retort.

ScorpioScorpio - if you don't mind having your buttons pushed, try these folk. how does aggressively stubborn sound to you? exotic and exciting? without ever leaving home. believe it.

SagittariusSagittarius - knowledgable, friendly, quick. worst thing is, they talk too much. and they might be aloof. and they might not actually be listening to you! string up your bow and go hang with the archer - everyone needs to know how to shoot.

part of what attracts me to astrology is the symbols. it gives me another resonant non-verbal written vocabulary to play with.

Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto
and i like the correlating mythology behind the planets, particularly.

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