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the archer

November 23 to December 21

quality mutable
symbol archer's arrow
element fire
principle active
natural sign of ninth house
ruler Jupiter
opposite sign Gemini
anatomy hips, thighs, liver
colours purple, violet, indigo, blue, red, gold, green, silver
metal tin
flowers daffodils, narcissus, holly
stones carbuncle, turquoise, amethyst
incense nutmeg, saffron, clove
musical note G#
numbers 1, 3, 5, 8, 9
tarot cards temperance, wheel of fortune
key phrase I understand
keyword visualization

Archers, they fire their arrows often. Sometimes, it's ready, fire, aim!

Conversational manifestation might be hurling out smart alec barbs. Often the honesty is painful, or the self-righteousness abrasive.

I like to think of it as making broad connections. Everything is simultaineously mired in the sacred and the profane, often a Sagittarius will make that connection for you (or a Pisces).

They often have vision, ideals. It might mire them in a place, kicking their horse legs around till they find some ground to go riding over.

It can also inspire other people to action. Not so much leadership from these archers, but establishing for folks a sense of destiny, of aspiration.

A sense of equanimitous fun, I think these folk have a hard time being patronizing. Honest, to themselves more often then conciliatory. Don't mean they're mean, I've found them to be less judgemental than many.

This often manifests itself in wide-ranging tastes - a sense that there's a lot of answers out there, so they dabble in so many things. Check out their music collection to see what I mean.

I myself am one of these signs,
and if they say sag is the sign of higher education, travel, philosophy and publishing,

I look at the first half of 1996, I was at swarthmore college, teaching a class about web ethics, preparing to travel across the country to teach people web publishing and spread a downhome web publishing philosophy.

of ten planets placed at the time of my birth, four are in sagittarius, three in the ninth house.

Positive Characteristics

straightforward, philosophical, freedom-loving, broadminded, athletic, generous, optimistic, just, religious, scholarly, enthusiatstic

Negative Characteristics

argumentative, exaggerative, talkative, procrastinating, self-indulgent, blunt, impatient, prone to gamble, pushy, hot-headed

Sagittarius Folk

my grandfather Caleb Me Steuer Head

Famous Sagittarians

guitarist Jimi Hendrix, singer Jim Morrison, composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, author Philip K. Dick, composer Frank Zappa, singer Frank Sinatra, comedian Rodney Dangerfield

Other Saggitarius Pages

Used Karma and HorrorScopes and Real Astrology, of dubious veracity: Sagimatticus. Dav Amann is a Sag.

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