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the bull

April 20 to May 20

quality fixed
symbol bull's head with horns
element earth
principle passive
natural sign of second house
ruler Venus
opposite sign Scorpio
anatomy throat and neck
colours green, yellow, blue, pink, cream, red
metal copper
flowers lilly of the valley, jasmine, red carnation, red rose, violet, hawthorn, fleur-de-lis
stones moss agate, emerald, carnelian, coral, diamond
incense musk, rose, honeysuckle, violet, saffron, satinwood, passion flower
musical note C#
numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11
tarot cards the hierophant, the empress, the lovers
key phrase I have
keyword stability

Like the bull, Taureans are slow and steady. While they may not be the first to jump at a new idea, once they take it up, they will carry it through to their satisfaction. They have a similar take on anger. Slow to come on, but once they feel it, boy look out.

Like Ferdinand, they will often prefer to stay in their field of flowers, or material comforts, where they feel stable and comfortable, enjoying the pleasures of life.

I went to the enit festival with my friend trei, a Taurus. we planted our blanket down in bear valley, outside of la, and hung out for a while listening to music. I wanted to go exploring, "Trei, is it alright? you mind staying here?" he didn't mind, not once, not ever. he stayed right there, just as comfortable as could be, writing in his journal, snoozing a bit, looking around, listening to music, while myself sag wandered freely meeting weirdos.

Positive Characteristics:

patient, conservative, domestic, sensual, thorough, stable, dependable, practical, artistic, loyal

Negative Characteristics:

self-indulgent, stubborn, slow-moving, argumentative, short-tempered, possessive, greedy, materialistic

Taurus Folk

le scoot
Danny Annette Jennifer

Famous Taurus

composer Duke Ellington, singer Barbara Streisand, baseballista Wille Mays, newspaper mogul William Randolph Herst, singer Ella Fitzgerald, conductor Zubin Mehta

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