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the crab

June 21 to July 22

quality cardinal
symbol crab's claws
element water
principle passive
natural sign of fourth house
ruler Moon
opposite sign Capricorn
anatomy breast, stomach, upper lobes of liver
colours blue, white, green, silver, gray, yellow-orange, brown, violet
metal silver
flowers water lillies, larkspur, honeysuckle
stones emerald, black onyx, pearls, selenite, crystal, diamond, carnelian, ruby, moonstone
incense cedar, cinnamon, sandalwood
musical notes B and D#
numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13
tarot cards the chariot, the high priestess, the empress
key phrase I feel
keyword devotion

Uncannily sensitive and psychic. The depths from which this person can cull emotion is unparalled.

Think of a crab - mushy on the inside, but hard shell covering, with protective pinchers. Crabs scuttle along sideways. You must make it past their defenses, and into their heart. Once you are there, you can bask in the glow of a unqualified type of love we all wish our mothers had to give us.

yah, I tried to work my way there with an intense cancer, chandra. it didn't quite work. but howard has at times parental, caretaking urges for me.

Positive Characteristics:

tenacious, intuitive, maternal, domestic, sensitive, retentive, helpful, sympathetic, emotional, patriotic, good memory, traditional

Negative Characteristics:

brooding, touchy, sensitive, negative, manipulative, overly cautious, lazy, selfish, self-pitying, traditional

Cancer Folk

Vagabond Jim

Famous Cancers

writer Pearl S. Buck, philosopher Henry David Thoreau, actor Bill Cosby

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