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the scorpion

October 24 to November 22

quality fixed
symbol scorpion's stinger
element water
principle passive
natural sign of eighth house
ruler Pluto
opposite sign Taurus
anatomy the genitals, bladder, rectum, reproductive organs
colours red, blue, green, brown, black
metals plutonium, iron, steel
flowers chrysanthemum, calendula
stones malachite, topaz, jasper, opal, garnet, agate, bloodstone, lodestone
incense pine, yucca, rosemary, cypress, rose, dogwood
musical notes C and G
numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 8
tarot cards death, judgement
key phrase I desire
keyword intensity

The heavy shit.

Scorpios are the most intense of the signs. That their ruling planet is Pluto should tell you something. They operate on multiple levels; intrigue, sarcasm come naturally to them. You can recognize a Scorpio by the penetrating gaze they will give you - enough to light something on fire, or smother something completely, depending.

All this intensity does not necessarily signal a strength of confidence, it rather reflects the potency of their feelings, of the emotional issues inside of the them. Their sexuality is a good example of this. People often say that Scorpios are the most intense in bed, and so it would fit with their sun sign characterization. Their intensity in bed, their consumption by sensuality, is a measure of the depth of the forces at work inside them.

They have a great respect, and perhaps mistrust of power. Vociferous one-on-one, they can be downright guarded, diplomatic, watchful in unsure situations, or around strong folk.

Traditionally, Scorpios are said to operate on three spiritual levels:

The Scorpion
The Eagle
The Dove
Their sarcasm and subtlety can be withering. Sometimes, they like to see people squirm.

On the other hand, you will find their friendship sympathy quite ready.

between my brother, my oldest friend, and a most intense young man,
I've had a host of these. they all pounded on me in one form or another, and I love them all deeply. deep humour, deep humanity.

Positive Characteristics:

motivated, penetrating, executive, resourceful, determined, scientific, investigative, probing, passionate, aware

Negative Characteristics:

vengeful, temperamental, secretive, overbearing, violent, sarcastic, suspicious, jealous, intolerant

Scorpio Folk

Colin Yonnie Jeeks Jesse elly

Famous Scorpios

artist Pablo Picasso, Queen Marie Antoinette, singer Mahalia Jackson, cult leader Charles Manson

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