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pisces sign


the fish

February 19 to March 20

quality mutable
symbol two fish tied together
element water
principle passive
natural sign of twelfth house
ruler Neptune
opposite sign Virgo
anatomy the feet
colours white, purple, green, pinks, black
metals silver, tin
flowers lilac, violet, lilly, daffodil
stones moonstone, amethyst, chrysolite
incense nutmeg
musical notes B and G
numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 9
tarot cards the moon, the hanged man
key phrase I believe
keyword understanding

The sign here is two fish, one swimming upwards toward enlightenment, and downwards into profanity. Pisecean elements balance the righteous and and criminal both.

Like fish, these people can be hard to fix while they swim about. They have truly open minds, and the capacity to understand a broad range of human experiences.

The two fish that are their sign often result in a sort of slut/saint duality in their lives. While on one hand they have an understanding of higher principles that would put them in a class with the best idealists, their thirst for meaning often finds slake in drink or sex or other base endeavors.

I'll tell you where this boundary crossing bluster began to bother me,
read about my friend mariah.

Positive Characteristics:

compassionate, charitable, sympathetic, emotional, sacrificing, intuitive, introspective, musical, artistic

Negative Characteristics

procrastinating, over-talkative, melancholy, passiimistic, emotionally inhibited, timid, impractical, indolent

Pisces Folk

pixie head


Famous Pisces

actor Sidney Poitier, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, poet Elizabeth Browning, dancer Rudolf Nureyev

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