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the water-bearer

January 20 to February 18

quality fixed
symbol waves
element air, not water mind you.
principle active
natural sign of eleventh house
ruler Uranus
opposite sign Leo
anatomy the ankles
colours rainbow, violet, silver, blue, pink, green, yellow
metal uranium, aluminum, silver
flowers vilet, daffodil, carnation, primrose
stones sapphrise, opal, garnet, amber, amethyst
incense frankincense, pine, peppermint
musical notes A# and F
numbers 1, 4, 5, 6, 8
tarot cards the star, the fool
key phrase I know
keyword imagination
Idealistic and bound by principle. Their persuit of the ideal, or adherance to personal principle can often make these people difficult to be on intimate terms with. But, they care about people, and can be great friends.

Aquarians often have an easier time relating to people than most - they can find something to say to anyone.

Sometimes that's disillusionment, sometimes its boundary testing, sometimes idealistic.

Uranus is a pretty erratic planet, you know.

They are not a water sign, they are the sign of the water bearer.


Positive Characteristics

independent, inventive, tolerant, individualistic, progrressive, artistic, scientific, logical, humane, intellectual, altruistic

Negative Characteristics

unpredictable, temperamental, unconcerned with detail, cold, stubborn, shy, eccentric, radical, impersonal, rebellious

Aquarian Folk

Dad Becky

Famous Aquarians

feminist Betty Freidan, aviator Charles Lindbergh, actor John Travolta, singer Marian Anderson, naturalist Charles Darwin, priest Thomas Merton

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