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the seagoat

December 22 to January 19

quality cardinal
symbol seagoat's horn
element earth
principle passive
natural sign of tenth house
ruler Saturn
opposite sign Cancer
anatomy bones, knees and teeth
colours black, brown, blue-violet, gray, indigo, green, purple
metal lead
flowers carnation, holly, snowdrop
stones white onyx, moonstone, jet, lapis lazuli, diamond, garnet
incense frankincense, khus-khus
musical notes A and F
numbers 3, 5, 7, 8, 11
tarot cards the devil, the world
key phrase I use
keyword ambition
These people trudge forward, often unhappy, it seems, but as they get towards where they want to go, they begin to open up. The lessons life teaches them are hard, but once they have learned them, they are all the wiser.

They are working their way out from under a burden.

These people can be stubborn - they find what they like, by the time they have, they trust it enough to stick to it to the end.

recent memory of friends who were capricorns,
like raina,
we are good friends, we discuss and hang out and move around, or chill out together
until we reach that point where we find each the other absolutely subborn and unreasonable.

I remember I ended up getting frustrated with raina because she wanted to stay in her home town of stamford connecticut for the rest of her life. her argument was that one could learn peace and understanding better by staying in the same place. my argument - learn the world best by experiencing as much as possible.

really it was a hellaciously stupid reason not to talk. and probably more representative of other frustrations, but it was a parting, for a time, of mutual stubborn forces.

Positive Characteristics

cautious, responsible, scrupulous, conventional, businesslike, perfectionist, traditional, practical, hardworking, economical, serious

Negative Characteristics

egotistic, domineering, unforgiving, fatalistic, stubborn, brooding, inhibited, status-seeking

Capricorn Folk

raina, dom, Josh, Nadia

Famous Capricorns

actress Faye Dunaway, President Richard Nixon, General Robert E. Lee, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

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