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Megan was the first girl I ever deep kissed. On her bed, surrounded by seventh graders, we broke the ice on a day of progressive sexuality. My tongue met her teeth clenched braces, she screamed and rolled backwards onto the floor.

we'd been friends since fifth grade, sort of a power game with jesse, we talked a lot on the phone and tried to work out detailed social machinations.

megan and I grew closer in high school, to the point where I remember being practically her lackey carrying her bag and following her around.

I think that was before I discovered drugs.

she's smart and well-read and challenging. that's for damn sure - she'll argue you into the floor. so will I. we were a heady pair.

being teenagers, throughout high school our power struggle played itself out over sex.

I had a lot of desire in those days, as teenagers are want to do. As Megan and I spent increasing amounts of time together, she became the focus of my cadjoling.

at times I was doting, she commanding, I would carry her shit around for her, sit with her smoking cigarettes.

But that really got me. I hated them things.

I remember hanging out with her and gk a few times - between them two was such wonderful chaos to behold.

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