rules Scorpio
exaltation Not yet been determined
detriment Taurus
fall Not yet been determined
symbol cross of matter, topped by the crescent moon with the circle of infinity hovering above
represents destroying or reforming urge, fusion, rebirth
keyword transformation
cycle estimated at 248 years
Pluto, like the god that rules it, is the planet of the underworld - forces that lurk under the surface and dictate change - often violent change. Life, death, rebirth, transformation, drastic forces are at work in the house of Pluto. They say that the house of Pluto is indeed haunted. A determined effort to confront those forces and problems directly must be made, in order to avoid being crippled by this unforgiving planet.

Pluto brings complexity to its realm of the chart.

Information on the planet Pluto is up at this kick ass complete web site.
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