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astrological bibliography

I've found that learning astrology is without a doubt an accumulative process, but I would like to acknowledge these sources of knowledge on this subject.

Chandra introduced me to astrology - offered me the opportunity to view life from a different perspective, for which I will be eternally grateful.

I used The Only Way to Learn Astrology, by Marion March & Joan McEvers, for some quick reference information about signs, houses and planets.

A pamphlet called the Magic of Astrology, by Donna Rose, helped me with the colour, metal, flower, incense, number, and tarot information.

Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide, by J. Donald Walters, imparts spiritual wisdom for each sign, which invariably ends up being "meditate" - maybe he's got a point. He offers concise spiritual goals, directions, for each of the signs that have helped me gain a fuller understanding of each signs mission.

Astrology and Sexual Analysis, by Morris C. Goodman, I could not resist. This book attempts to draw a sexual portrait of each gender in each sign. The perspective is decidedly Hollywood, decidedly male, and yet he hits his mark often enough. I hope to filter some of this information onto these pages carefully, because it is indeed a weighty subject. Hopefully, I will have more of my own experience to draw upon by that time.

My perspective on all the various aspects of Astrology was broadened by Debbi Kempton-Smith, and her book Secrets from a Stargazers Notebook. While it looks pretty shallow from the cover, like a shabby sun sign paperback, she puts the subject forth in her own tone of voice, and she obviously has a great deal of experience with a broad range of astrological materials.

Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George has broadened my perspective of the feminine and the feminine in astrology, as delineated by the four primary asteroids.

Rene Mueller's Astrological bibliography.

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