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Used Karma has some stimulating examinations of broad trends as well as specific info on specific stuff. Their gig seems to be weather, current planet placements. Their goals are lofty, and their sentiments strong, but they were a littl behind on their data last I checked.

bertrand russell - "on astrologers"

Zodiacal Zephyr has both extensive links and original articles.


Rene Mueller has put up an Astrology page from the Spirit-WWW site. A great resource, occasionally hampered by a slow connection to Australia.

This site has a www-interface to get your own charts! If you know your time, date of birth, you can use the various indices to find the longitude and latitude of your place of birth, the interface then pipes the info to Astrolog, which returns a while later with a graphical chart! Be prepared to sit for this thang.

Also available online: a very brief, country-by-country history of astrology.

Rob Brezsny
I have seen this guy online, at street fairs, in SF free papers, even in airline magazines. He is quite a popular astrologer.
His predictions have a colloquial quality to them, with Brezny launching into seemingly unrelated stories or current events, ultimately tying that to a portentious final sentence.
My first online Brezsny sighting is now closed. HorrorScopes, had nice graphics and brief, updated horoscopes. Quick, direct astrological sun sign predictions weekly, not really much by way of static materials. It looks like he is moving up the corporate ladder.
His Real Astrology site provides a more static selection - his impressions or messages for each of the signs.

Newsstander The Mountain Astrologer has a web site. Look no further if you wish to buy an ad, or submit a article. Otherwise, they say "there's more to come" (6/18/95)

Really updated daily! Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts are beamed online from Britain. He also has a page of good sign introduction. (4/10/95)

A star melding narrative as well as weekly sign forecasts await you at Cyber-Space Astrology. The week I checked this, it gave sage counsel. Don't they all? (6/18/95)

Non Western-Perspectives
Vedic astrology now has a home page, Jyotish - being another name for that science. An introduction is available, ragging a bit upon western astrology, speaking of Vedic's moon emphasis and reaily-based forecasting. They will cast a vedic chart for you, and send it to your e-mail address, but you'd better know the longitude, latitude, and GMT of where you were born.(6/18/95)
Feng Shui, and Chinese, Vietnamese and Tibetan astrological systems have been interprited by William Cassidy, at his Asian Astrology site. Extremely Netscape 1.1 enhanced site here - tables up the wazoo. Learn your birth year animal, and William's predictions for the coming rat year. There is a lot to be learned here, especially if you haven't explored Asian mysticism before. Also, check out his bio - this is one fascinating dude. (4/11/95)

www.newageinfo.com offers mega new-age listings, including, of course, astrology. Poor DOS-based developers, can't have full-length file names. Bare listings only, no descriptions. They did copy URL text from me, didn't even bother to disguise it - at least this page is linked. (6/18/95)
All purpose Yahoo has an Astrology section.

"Know and you will be Swami" greets you to the Dad knows all page, hosting devious mocking perspectives on the twelve signs. The emphasis seems to be on homour, and not veracity, but that's subject to interpretation.(4/10/95)

I haven't yet been able to tour the Virtual Castle

These people want to sell you chart and interpretations: Glenda's Astrological Readings and Destiny Starworks

There are good shareware chart casting programs available at the anonymous astrology ftp site at ftp.magitech.com - now with web interface. I use Gerald Baron's Cosmic Portrait, on my Macintosh.

You can find city locations at martini.eecs.umich.edu:3000 (telnet) or Xerox WWW Map Gateway.

I regularly read alt.astrology for lively and thoughtful discussions by people who are interested in this stuff. The FAQ is available, with alt.astrology netiquette, as well as Astrology practitioners tips and newbie questions answered.

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