rules Pisces
exaltation Not yet been determined
detriment Virgo
fall Not yet been determined
symbol trident of Poseidon
represents spiritual or escapist urge
keyword intuition
cycle 165 years
Neptune is the planet of altered states. Whether it is Hollywood, or the insane asylum, Neptune's energies delude the senses. The wandering prophet and the heroin addict are both bowing to Neptunian energies.

Neptune in a chart is where we tend to delude ourselves, as well as others, and where we locate the ideal.

beyond that, neptune is the planet of social movements. I found this book by one Stan Barker, called the Neptune Factor, which outlines various recent historical eras according to placement of neptune in various signs.

now I'm pretty skeptical - personal charts are one thing, social movements and the direction of the world is another.

he had done his homework it seems. I'd like him to go up against tim burke or something, but it made sense to me

starting in 2026, neptune will restart the cycle in Aries, which has been a time of fire and war and sherman's march and some fair amounts of blood.

Information on the planet Neptune is up at this kick ass complete web site.
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