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as close as you get to a early 1996 table of contents for my non-linear life story.

(or read it au natural)


why do I do this?

Many lawyers, at least my dad (who died when I was young), my mom (who has a lot to say about working women), and my step-father george, with whom I conflicted quite bitterly. Whew! glad that's over!
I love my brother colin, he's four years older than me.
Both my gramparents and uncle jim & aunt lori hail from nebraska, where there is a beautiful pond.
I have two half sisters, twnety some years older than I: lynn and chris who's married to peter, and between them my nephews and niece gid, eli, cassidy. George's son george jr. is rad.
Many of us collected for the 95 holidaze, where I said a christmas evegrace, and I wrote a poem on xmas day.
chicago: where I grew up.

homes: 1240 state, lake shore
jobs: software etc., consult, kanbay, boston consulting group
folx: ted, grace
fwp: school from kindergarden thru high

cutch was quite a prof, so was stone.
parkerites: claire, jesse, megan, leigh, sergio, cam, josh, duni, sage, mike, and jeeks, who ran an online litmagezine: garrett county journal

I was incensed by ignorance, affluence, apathy. I wrote a short story about max. I had my first brush with the internet
I spoke at my graduation. I met some mormons
Parker used to have a home page.
trippin': travels.

Ireland, Daytona Beach, Nepal, Sweden, Russia, Honduras.
ireland - month solo trip august '92
I lived near bantry. I went to the anchor pub, talked to bill, the owner, and barbara the daughter, and Patty, a character
I lived in a wonderful cottage. I had a gut wrenching larry nightmare. I read a lot.
Donald might have stolen money from me
Kim definitely stole my heart.
I wrote for the school paper: Phoenix
I had a radio show, the electric eclectic.
Swarthmore was a hotbed of digital discourse; I had a web vision for the school.
Fun with the peer group:pub nite, cabaret
not so fun, stress, gabe, Duncan, public safety
I loved the folx there, even the prez. I put a lot of my homework online, including the work I've done for a web ethics class I taught, and my thesis.
HotWired: I worked there when they started.
I wanted to work at Wired, I did.
I collected predictions from the staff. I made a club wired appearance. I argued with Louis, the founder a bit.
My bosses were Chip and Julie. I had a good time playing with the equipment. I threw a party.
I went back for the third anniversary of the magazine.
san francisco: my spiritual home
in the mission district, there are junk dealers, Jorge lives there, and you can ride the bart train to leave.
I tried out for a band, method, and afterwards had a bit of a spiritual conversion.
good friends there too.
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the people are great, I love Thursday Night Dinners
howard rheingold a mentor
I was his assistant at HotWired. I love to visit his house, especially his greenhouse
for his 48th, I gave his this gift.
You should check out his site.
web life
how I got on the web
web folx are.
I went to a yahoo ziff-davis party.

web life
how I got on the web
web folx are.
I went to a yahoo ziff-davis party.
I love music.

I try to keep track of my dreams

spirit is

food is important

I'm into painting as well.
I've seen Kurt Vonnegut and Oliver North and Phyllis Shafly and Cornel West and Amiri Baraka inspired me to write Forging Culture.

I'm a speaker too. My most prestigious gig to date was with New Directions for News, at the Rand Corporation. I was supposed to speak at a boarding school in South Carolina, but my youth got in the way. I spoke at a rally against the CDA in February 96.

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