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Entertainment Technology and the Search for Humanity

at Reboot 2001
May 2001, Reboot, Denmark, thanks Douglas Rushkoff

Since 1994, Hall has provided cultural correspondence from the front lines of emerging technology and entertainment media. From video games to weird links on the web, Justin examines why we spend so much time with machines, and how the culture there reflects our humanity.

Select Past Events:

holding forth at XOXO October 2014

  • Speech: "Self Exploitation on Today's Internet" re:publica, Berlin Germany, May 2015 (video)
  • Speech: "Justin Hall, Links from the Underground" XOXO, Portland Oregon, October 2014 (video)
  • Presentation: "Game Development and Starting a Company", Raikes School, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, November 4 2011 (video)
  • Presentation: "Fate of a Social Games Company", Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, March 2010 (notes)
  • Panel, "Online Games: Beyond Play and Fantasy with Joi Ito and Justin Hall", South by Southwest Interactive, March 2007 (audio mp3)
  • Speaker, "Passively Multiplayer Online Games," Aula: Movement, Helsinki, Finland, June 2006 (Video)
  • "The Potential for Charitable Video Games," Creative Artists Agency, October 2005
  • Non-resident fellow, "Law in Virtual Worlds" class, Professors Lawrence Lessig and Julian Dibbell, Stanford Law School, California, Spring 2003
  • Keynote, Reboot 4.0, Copenhagen, May 2001 (video clip - broken)
  • Keynote, "Game Forms: A Cultural Study of Electronic Entertainment," Interactive Arena, Canadian Film Centre, February 2001
  • Festival Curator: "Consolizing the Web," Digital Storytelling Festival, Crested Butte, September 1999
  • Emcee, Webzine '99, San Francisco, July 1999
  • Film presenter, Sundance Film Festival, Park City Utah, January 1999
  • Keynote, "HyperTextBooks," Links98 Education and IT Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, October 1998
  • Panelist on "Youth and Media" for 20 goes 2000, UNESCO conference on the power of culture, Modern Museum, Stockholm, Sweden, March 1998
  • Participant, "New Media, New Landscapes," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, February 1997
  • Lecturer, The Lab/Third Stage, Lollapalooza, San Francisco, August 18, 1995
  • Lecturer, SIGKids Digital Circus, SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, August 8, 1995
  • Speaker, "Publishing Empowerment", News Industries & Journalism/Preparing for 2010 Think Tank, Rand Corporation, June 13, 1995 (speech text and video)

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