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George jr

George George picked up his father's sense of raunch, he's also a great cook, and a music lover. He was my only relative to ever give me desireable jazz cds for Christmas.

George toured the country in a station wagon playing backup guitar for a soul band called "The Whispers." Every lawyer may have a skeleton in their closet, few of their skeletons are doing the electric slide.

Now he plays on weekends at Pearls, a jazz joint across from City Lights, in North Beach, here in SF. He cut an album with those cats - "The SF Nighthawks." He's not just my relative - it's a good album!

He married to a strong woman named Maria, they have an extremely talkative daughter named Theresa who wrote epic short stories before the age of ten, and a little boy who walks like a drunk (in the words of his grandfather), named Joey..

Like his father, he is a criminal defense lawyer, he was the one kind enough to bail me out when I was arrested.

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