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what do you say about a teacher called Stone?

that she commands a fair degree of respect, to be sure.

Funny, if you saw her in action, that might not be the first natural metaphor to come to mind. Rather than solid, or slow moving, try a typhoon.

She is energy.

Marie Kirchner Stone.

A single teacher can be a force, like she was her own department

- yeah, I think she was english, but she was teaching video production, coordinating Martin Luther King day, advising dozens - whether they liked it or not.

She had a sense of humour about her extendedness - but it didn't stop her from having a hand in every damn student or project that passed within her slightly crazed blue-eyed vision.

She was elegant, always well dressed, her house with tasteful modern and ethnic art - and well read like you wouldn't believe.

Are you free, Stone, I asked once
"Free? I'm the most expensive lady in town!

She told me once that we were family. A driven woman, having weathered untold bouts of cancer, starting at 18.

It got to the point of leaving the classroom to cough blood. Either she's driven to teach, or she somehow inspires her students to relay that kind of fiction.

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