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east lake shore drive

I moved here from my fifteen year abode when I was 16 or 17. After three years of marriage, mom and george decided we c/should live together.

Originally she promised me they would only move into a larger house (I didn't know why), but they landed instead a swankswank apt. overlooking Chicago's Oak street beach and Lake Michigan.

East Lake Shore Drive is on a strip of land extending perpendicular from Lake Shore Drive along Chicago's lakefront. Luxury apartments and grand hotels are the neighbors.

Ours is no exception. Cars are valet parked. Men run the hand carved wood paneled elevator for you. Two apartments on each floor, 6800 square feet apiece.

to move in,
you must file 16 letters of recommendation with the building's board.

Elevated The apartment is cavernous. Five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms. I threw parties of over 15 people drinkin' smokin' and raisin' heck in the kitchen while my parents were asleep in their wing. They woke up the next morning, five doors had silenced the socialism.

Fortunately I moved here my junior year in high school. I enjoyed the luxury without having it bred so deep into me. I was prevented from covering the walls with posters and stickers, as I had done at 1240. Since my bedroom was so big, it never felt as cluttered as my old room had been. both never making home, and the surreal comfort level, I felt a stranger.

Mostly folks just enjoy the incredible privacy.

I threw a party the night my parents left for Europe...

I threw a party the night my parents left for Europe. A few folks, a mellow time. I made sure the stereos were moderated and the screaming was kept to the rear bedrooms. Our next door neighbor heard people entering and exciting near the elevator and filed a complaint. I turned everything down, asked the three remaining people to be quiet, a few minutes later the cops arrived. While the peace officers were asking me to keep it down, the neighbor craned her head out the door and in a harsh whisper, she commanded "QUIET!" The police and I shared a few raised eyebrows.
My parents shat bricks.

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