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bart bart stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit and I ride it sometimes while I am in the San Francisco area. The 16th and Mission stop is right near where Cyborganic was, in the Mission district.

Where I live in Oakland is unfortunately not near to a bart stop. Bart is a great way to get from certain suburbs to parts of San Francisco, but it by no means approximates the wide reach of New York or Paris' metro subway systems.

bart trains bart is extremely comfortable public transit - carpeted floors, amply cushioned seats; not to be confused with a subway. this is commuter rail, and bart sucks because it stops running at 12.30am every night of the week. so after 12.30am, if you are in san francisco, you can't get to berkeley or oakland by public transit (because the buses are done by then too). some metropolitain area. hmph.

besides that, bart won't run to marin county. they don't want the riff-raff, i've heard. won't they be sorry when it reaches the airport (hopefully then i can use it instead of bayporter.

While working at Wired, I had the opportunity to take a trip down into the transbay tunnel for the twentieth anniversary of tunnelling under the bay.

I rode bart a lot to visit Chandra, in Castro Valley, near the Bay Fair stop, and I rode bart to my method tryout, afterwhich I had a sort of conversion.

amy and i were mugged coming off the bart late one weeknight - i hear that happens fairly often.

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