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6 may, 1996

red bar breakup

red bar breakup didn't work on my text paper or my reality
tracked down an old nanny

this woman Maureen Smith was responsible for me between 3 and 9

left a few weeks after my father killed himself
she found him dead.

she's moved back to wales,
only a two year old address to go on

colin and I make some fruitless long distance calls

whilemean outside window mine rock concert
it's college bud - colin


mountain goats
one guy guitaring
two dollar guitar
surly gits
joost vesser
cool foreign, lady drummer singer

wilson until the rain comes and things move inside
like wilson and I work on his resume

he gives me this humour: 800/969-4874

but not before I eat grill fresh dripping meat

one full cheeseburger, like the old days
tasted good
I weathered the lethargy well for so many burgerless months between
but my farts are now late night reeking

and I visited denise in the health center
down to 99, but some sun stroke for lawn lingering yesterday
discovered her perky secret, she sleeps wearing a bra
her mom pushed it on her,
it causes back problems (pulling chest inwards) but her mom has no sag at 50.

met with tom krattenmacher
might release some press about my summer plans
it makes a good story, huh?
good word for the school
except my nekkid pix
they won't include my URL
but they'll supply it upon request

he xeroxed me united states maps
carryin' 'em in my pocket
plottin' my summer destinations

mentioned the band lineup
he extolls satan and adam

satan talks fast, you won't understand, but he'll bend your mind.

before the blues comes the poetic prosaical
poetry writer's workshop final standup
like blackboards with so many scrawlings on them
snake eye could fit in my postmodern pierced eye
some many things like

a poster said, "no angst, we promise"
and maybe it was standing next to wilson
we two refused from this poetry workshop now reciting
but there seemed to be a decided dearth of rhythm in favour of tried precision of language

sincere veneer.

snake eye unconvincing for two or three
patience limited performance for
we bailed early with butterfly ben
for some satan, some adam.

I couldn't fully committ took a break from that to return tried to catch mary wiltenberg, aaron read late and apologizing.

but blues,
sweet blues
(langston hughes

home spun grampaesque getup satan plays two high hats, a guitar, sings, marracas, tambourines and bass drums with his feet
adam white guy on harmonica

Wilson does me a great favour

doin' drawings,
takin' some notes

between us,

satan and adam

compleate satan and adam at swarthmore

dom does me a great favour
photografias me engaging satan
long longed for (imagine vonnegutted

ned mentions heard three or more criteria for genius
beatles played 12 hour days in hamburg strip clubs
they worked
mozart played violin many much since 2 years
he worked
and creative tension
lennon and mccartney mozart teachers his father


dom ned and I share veggie-maxxed out pizza
a few dollars more elevation over plain cheese
we're listening to a fresh vigoda/sagolla jam tape
ben is jazzin' over dom's strummin'
creative tension

bold ben returns finally witty some after much much much debauched beyond his delicate stomach

play party puking for many many

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