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t shirts
it invites a tour t-shirt. I suppose if I had a logo, I'd put it on there, maybe my site name "justin's links summer tour '96" something.

It'd be nice to be able to give it to the folks I stayed with

but I'm trying to keep the emphasis off of me and my travelling around being justin, of justin's links, and more on helpin' folks.

press kit
this thing's got potential. I mean I could send a press release, a pre-packaged story, that newspapers could respew out to thousands - increase my hits, perhaps raise support for the enterprise.

colin calls it a can do attitude about this thing - that I might be able to help more folks if I draw on broader sources of power

but those power sources take management and courting - I feel like I might be diffusing my time for publishing assistance.

I guess it's a choice, to take on power, whether I can draw limits thereafter and have control.

I'm trying to take a tao-inspired somewhat humble attitude towards this thing -

if this gets on the crazy news tip, expectations and gyrations, whooeee.

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