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6 may, 1996
drawrin's by wilson kello

satan and adam

satan and adam

adam princeton graduate student in literature
who plays a righteous mouth harpin' harmonica

satan a 78 yr old harlemite

plays guitar and sings and

Satan's apparatus:

satan's apparatus "two [well] used hi-hats w/ dual tambourines & dual plastic maracas played with feet - the hi-hat pedals double as kicks off of the surfaceof the fitting board. He plays an old six string & sings."
after each songs he sez
"we thank you, and you know this.

final song celebration encore of woman and man and got to have a woman but liminal lyrical - everything is woman, honour, respect the woman, no failure to/of/in woman, love your mother.

we honour return with screams and shakes and shouts

yeah satan yeah!

he leaves us with

"the best way to watch your back is the way you respect another person in front of their face - that makes it beautiful
remember, mister satan said that

wilson's been both furiously scribbling his lines, and rendering instruments and faces - a more media reporter than I
and showing them to those around, ben vigoda, and Mister Satan

You're quite an artist - heh heh

("it was very genial - with a gravelly laugh after it" - w)
and wrote this in my journal


Mr. Wilson, you don't buy friendship, you make payments on it.
Mr. Satan

approached after,
Satan and I start in agreement
thanks for dancing he says
thanks for inspiration

woman, yeah, man, yeah,
why satan everythin' come from the earth
we build on top
you can't get close to god, he'll kill you.
god stands for

like his square circle half foot pendant
it all circles and lines, squares, everything

three by three circle square
"it looked like a relic" - w
he starts spelling out each letter of the alphabet
each number
on this three by three grid
and squares between

each person is one
what's the next number?
whaT ever you want
what about two people?
one and one makes eleven
times multiply for more
so the more the merrier?
of course.

here's a question for you
how many 9s in 19?
start to yeah along with him,
don't open your mouth when you don't know nothin!
two is eighteen, when you write an eight you write a nine, and one more in nineteen is four.

what about th-

don't ask questions
you'll confuse the teacher!

you learn, learn by listenin'!

see this cup
you see the container, there's the space inside

what's your question?

what about the year 1999, the year 2000?

we're already there!

you look at 1996,
I look at 1996, I see four nines inside 16.

everything can be written with 7 and 9

what's a d?

after death?
ancient daze! everything's happenin right now!
you're already older than you've ever been!the earth's older than it's ever been right now!

what's b c?

before christ?
before calendars before counting
they didn't use numbers back then!

what's time everything goes so quickly!
I'm 78 years old,
seems like yesterday I was 15, 16.

and I know this because I'm satan

adam adam princeton graduate student in literature working on memoir of street side playing
really blues - mez mezzero memoir inspiration for kerouac
white guy who sold reefer in harlem

as we watch satan and ms. macy load up the car
we carried the stuff out help
but didn't load it inside

"he's got his way"
I'll bet.

adam sighted satan's crazy apparatus on street corner in harlem we should play and go on tour,

for the last 5 years
feet on apparatus and gizmo bass drum back of high hat pedals
40 year old amplifier

here's a half reefer, it ain't ours

ms macy tosses it offstage
I don't have a problem with reefer,
he turns around the earth provides any method of getting high
gotta have respect
respect for the earth
respect has seven letters
love and truth, ain't got nothing without respect

I don't believe in right and wrong
put on earth to smoke and drink and live our lives like we supposed to
if prophets right, then god would let 'em live

but ther all dead!
I'm 78 year old
and I know this cuz I'm mister satan!

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