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7 may, 1996
random thought:
hyphenated parents
kids names like lawfirms

chris and son chris chatting around the kids genius gideon
should she starting eli early youngest in his class?
cassidy retiscent to talk at two on purpose?

I want to take one of them camping this summer.
eli's in the most pain, consistently mischevious
like while we're talking, 40 degrees outside, wet

he's got a cold, stayed home sick from school
he grows upset - she won't let him outside to play in a lawn sprinkler.
knack for most improper
upset beyond rationality irreachable

two hours latenight lost in gameland
free download, um, free, um
four am, hum.
like fourteen all over again
playable demos be the death of me

breaks reading philip k dick's selected literary and philosophical writings

page 41 -
The basis of psychosis, in a nutshell, is the chronic inability to see the easy way out.

but it's his personal tone/insight:
All the behavior, all that constitutes psychotic activity and the psychotic lifestyle, stems from this perceptual flaw.

lifestyle - the psychotic lifestyle.

these musings on the i ching

page 10, in 1968, he has - "young, pretty, nervous wife Nancy, who is afraid of the telephone."

not only was he born on my birthday, but born in my birthtown and moved to the bay area

and now thinking I might not in fact leave college to tour the country internetting but to sit somewhere to take care of myself, read myself and write

work today aimless sorts little finished
except satan review

scoped the new suck a little distancing - only change adversion of mine?
paul haeberli rocks the free world.

shakiyla an I been missin' for whiles now I dropped her random mail and requested a rezendezvous campus central at four she's tired, been stressin' over her summer I put ten projects on hold
so it all seems temporary
unfolds into technology future colonialism?
her masters in mississippi - she's heading to teach high school in a foreign land
she spent semesters in africa, ghana, zimbabwe
she washed her clothes by hand

what was a ten minmute get your address for the summer unfolds into this way and that walking, dinner chat and stories

exchanging dred notes
spoke of fights, daytona
whether it's better to punch first or take it or run
different neighborhoods
people expect you to fight back, for respect.

denise still sick linger on the phone
I warn get off, she takes to moaning sickly softly sexy

many hours, strange middle school kind of phone time,
she's watching tv - Cops in the bahamas or something
I'm photoshoppin; t fee

feed, webmasters, lani, wavy

ug really, the bad weather outside,
today was a down day
martin threw a rave, I didn't came.

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