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5 may, 1996

cinco de mayo

reading my friend about the adverse and addictive effects of cocaine
they're using it as a homework aid

rod man mom calls
dennis rodman naked on the cover of his book
outrageous showup - signing in silver hair pink feather boa eyemakeup
chicago don't know how to respond to your type of guy justin
walking with a sag rising sophomore
she can bend her arms backwards like akward to even look at
pleasant talk and time
up in an abandoned garden

nothing major groundshaking but things do move so psycho fast we reached a parent and financial sufferings point so soon

no talk of swarthmore sports
we carried many handfuls of trash from the trees
we waded in mud unplanned, she bore it all with a smile and good cheer, quite admired.
last day of broadcasting, I was the electric eclectic

tomasin (part native american) could only bear a little while time togehter can never end but watching justin make media can be terminal

dom and carew kept me company

I like working in public space people surrounded and thriving outside my suck in work and shit drowning in too much too do to spend to call and wend
in my room

but I come a guru, power of knowledge, literally, there was a half an hour there where I did not have two minutes work between JPg technicalities and scanning tutorial and changing counter digits

but these things ebb and flow

and I love people, you know?

now I am up against the difficulty of writing a nonlinear history paper and trying to get my headphones to stay on top of my hair.

unlike me, ned loves on his camp work as counselor

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