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Physics 25: In Search of Reality

By investigating the assumptions, theories, and experiments associated with the study of reality in quantum physics, we will atempt to decide whether the question of the existence of an intelligible external reality has any meaning.
Spring semester. Boccio.
every tuesday and thursday i dragged my ass in here after teaching web ethics, in some kind of strange suit and often worn out. i occasionally slept on a little flat space out of site in the back of dupont 160 (or 161?).

the material was fascinating but i was determined to be a dilettante. accordingly, these papers are real dabblings - missing math and dedication. the final ("quantum stuff") is suitably a slang-riddled explanation of quantum physics from someone who barely knows much. but i did enjoy having an excuse to study the i ching ("other reality") before i made up a page devoted to the subject.

john boccio was a fun professor - willing to engage all sorts of strange ideas. he's kind of odd himself, a weird sense of humour. keeps you awake, most of the time. i just had a tough time with anything with numbers. i did like the idea of vectors, and i thank him for effectively communicating that to me and all the other non-science folk in the class.

may 14: i threw a little quantum barbeque at the end of class; a strange assortment of people showed, most of whom were not in the class. boccio came.

11 march 1996: other reality

19 may 1996: quantum stuff

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