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slant I would say firecracker something hot and explosive to describe her
mostly probably cuz she flamin' that spanish sex soul on a mostly dry campus.

we're talkin' heels, short skirts

and man when she dances, she can get low low low. I mean she short, but she really works it.

she's a cheerleader - got that pep!

fun to dance with, I go to latin dancing and she's not too embarassed of my flat feet.

when her mom came to visit, she said she wished denise would be a lawyer, but that she don't talk enough.
denise hangs out with me in the dining hall, quiet sometimes at my side and comfort - there's not too many who linger long without presence assertion.
mom don't talk all the time either, and she makes a good lawyer.
denise talks enough when we're alone, it don't seem to be a problem.

april 20, 1996 - three generations

but I think she's kinda anxious, insecure. she doesn't trust that I'm goin' be her friend when I leave swat, I guess she needs more than immediately apparent.

denise is sexy, ain't nothin happened. aaron, when we were speaking, gave me much shit that I was going to take advantage of her and screw her over. she's cherishable.

livin' wit' ma, she didn't get out much in high school. she needs to hang out with some mature men. too bad there aren't so many in college!

adam wrote about her

picture from genderfuck '96

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