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there's something a little proposterous about calling them


but I guess it's descriptive.

I haven't been into brushing my hair much since I shaved it,

christmas '95 it started forming into knots.

I let it do pretty much what it will - now it stays out of my eyes, and I don't need hair ties anymore!

mom sez my hair "looks unhealthy, like something's growing in there."

scan me scan dred seth used to have dreds, and then shaved 'em when perry got his,

he sent me some sun glassed and told me to scan my head so he could see my dreds:

I hear they have religious significance, especially when they are spontaineously arising.

Yvonne said it was a sign of being chosen by jah.

chosen, like the matted locks of hindu ascetics.

taco belle dred
October 1996, I ended up sawing them off with a knife and shaved down to a combover.


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